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  • Bald Move D&D Play by Post: Players Only Please

    some edits given the time that there isn’t any move/response yet.

    justus takes a swig. Flashes of his dead wife and kids fill his mind. Jealous of newfound love and pained to see people so happy in love which he never believes he will see again. The ring of his Wife glistened against the fire as she shambles towards him dead...awaken from his internal nightmare he looks at the cute couple and with a mix of happiness and cautious concern he states....

    well, congrats to you both! cheers to that....I once had a wife.....the finest lady in the land.....however, it only took me being away from her for less than a few hours to find her dead. As I hunted for the next days food a group of undead came upon our camp. the thing about the undead is you can find yourself paralyzed by their eyes...
    lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When they come at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'... until they bite ya. And those black eyes roll over white, and then... oh, then you hear that terrible high-pitch screamin', the ground turns red, and spite of all the poundin' and the hollerin', they all come in and they... rip you to pieces......

    justus lightens up and his mood changes from the dark places it went. Takes another swig. Looks closely in the eyes of the couple and provides one last sarcastic thought. 

    oh but i wouldn't worry...probably won't happen to you. you're more liken to be stricken by the fever or killed by grave robbers or muggers. Grave robbers are really the scum of the earth. At least the undead kill without mercy or morality. Grave robbers on the otherhand know their evil deeds. fret not and enjoy your new marriage! all the best!!!

    if possible I’d like to roll on their response to the gravedigging comment. 
  • Bald Move D&D Play by Post Discussion: Everyone Welcome

    Alkaid13 said:
    Hmm I like this idea, a slight modification: Like a comment if you agree with a players input and have nothing to contribute, Insightful a comment if you would like to follow up on a player’s action. 
    10 years from now someone is going to be going through the forum and clicking on users profiles and be like "damn, this alkaid13 must have been really smart with a lot of insightful things to say....10,000 insightful points...modern day Plato"

    in reality, its just me, doctor nick, flukes and cabe saying we plan to make a move after Alkaid states "I fart in the general direction of the knight...."
  • Post Your Dankest Memes

    Michelle said:

    hahahahahahhahahahah, this is great. we had a "friend mom" who would let us party in the basement and occasionally she came down to take a hit or two of the sticky icky. but this is EXACTLY how she looked. 
  • American Horror Story Season 9 - '1984'

    I’m usually in for the first 2-3 episodes then I get lost in the absurdity and quit the show. But I’m in at least for episode 1...
  • Preroll and Postroll ads are the worst

    tom_g said:
    I may be weird - I don't mind the commercials, so, I've never joined the club.  I figure people like me give BaldMove a percentage of their demographic that can be 'sold' to advertisers.

    I have also given a few pre-paid store cards to the guys during the holiday seasons over the years, sometimes to the point that I could've joined the club.

    I guess my biggest loss is the premium content.
    you're also missing out on the VIP forum section where us Club members sip Cristal out of diamond encrusted glasses as we sneer, look down upon the free-folk and talk shit about all the non-members...we may or may not also have our own bohemian grove ceremony every year..its great! :)
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