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  • Dumb/Funny Things That You Thought Were True When You Were a Kid....

    Prompted by a discussion that I had with some friends last night, what were some of the dumb things that you thought were true when you were a kid?  For example, a lot of kids thought that there were little people inside radios who performed the songs etc.

    I'd forgotten all about this until last night...

    When I was a kid we had pet goldfish that my older brother named Simon and Garfunkle.  Simon was the traditional orange colour and Garfunkle was white with orange blotches.  I was really young, probably like 5 years old but I didn't realize that "Simon" and "Garfunkle" were their names, I thought that's what kind of fish that they were.  For an embarrassingly long time (like maybe until I was 10!) I referred to every orange goldfish as a Simon.  My parents never corrected me because they assumed I was being cute by remembering my pet goldfish...like we'd go into a pet store and I'd say "Look at all the Simons!"

    To make matters worse, I was aware of the band Simon & Garfunkle but I never clued into the fact that those were their names...I thought they named their band after the types of fish. 


    Eh. Don’t know why the gif didn’t come up but it’s the rick and morty “we’re free!” Little guys from the debiglator machine
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    Chinaski said:
    Hatorian said:

    Only my 90s SNL peeps will get this one...
    haha i JUST watched that! went down the 90's/early 00's SNL rabbit hole the other day.
    i have to change my desert island quarantine list to include Chris Farley...the man was the funniest person alive and to think of what sort of career he would have had is just so depressing to think about. 

    Daaaaa Bears!!!!!!
    Hurricane Ditka 165 Green Bay Packers negative 12

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    Only my 90s SNL peeps will get this one...
  • Tabletop Gaming Group

    Guys you’re missing out! It’s good fun and we’re all getting to know each other really well...

    if anyone is having trouble affording tapbletop simulator or issues figuring it out I’m down to help. I got like a bunch of funds in my steam wallet from a few refunded games and I’m happy to gift that to some who need it to get TtS...

    also Alkaid does an amazing job explaining the games so we’re easily playing within the first game with no problems...