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    Chinaski said:
    Hatorian said:
    Chinaski said:
     Sandler has been awful for years and SNL has not been very good, but together they're not bad. 
    I actually think alot of his movies would have been better if Farley was still alive and cast in them. It feels like after Farley passed Kevin James became the surrogate for Sandler. and I am a big King of Queens fan but Kevin is a poor man's Chris Farley. 
    i never thought about that. i hated that Chuck and Larry flick, but if that was Farley over James :D. yes please!

    and shout out to King of Queens. that was my unemployed go to in my early 20's.
    yea. KoQ often gets left behind in the discussions of great sitcoms but it was really good. the episode where Deacon and his wife buy them the painting with Carrie's big arm is probably one of the funniest episodes of TV ever. 
  • Chat thread-Formerly known as Pizza- Strong Australian Vibes

    There’s no such thing as Kangaroos mate. They are just animatronics...
  • Chat thread-Formerly known as Pizza- Strong Australian Vibes

    CeciliaM said:
    Hatorian said:
    Oh and I’m going to write a tell all and release it this year for a Low Low price of $199. Find it on amazon kindle shop soon. 
    I look forward to the Netflix Original!
    Giving how much Netflix blows their money on shit content I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they did make a show about this. 

    Ive already got the title figured out. 

    “Lies Down Under: The Story of N.A.S.A the National Australia Secret Agency”
  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    I feel like now we’re just arguing to be arguing :D This thread has now devolved to MASHvsGoT. Next episode needs to save us from this thread for it is truly dark and full of terrors
    I feel like the Double Ds just need to go all out at this point and just totally fuck with the fans. Like next episode Cersei Is taking hearings from the common folk and out of nowhere Al Bundy and Peggy show up. Al promises her he’s the best cobbler in the 7 kingdoms and Peggy just wants some of that sweet sweet bon bons.

    then, as qyburn is trying to concoct a plan to kill the dragons Mulder and Scully show up asking for proof that Dragons exist. 

    Then as an Easter egg as the dragons are flying to kings landing you can see in the distance the Starship Enterprise. But of course the prime directive so they are just chilling with popcorn and ready to watch shit go down. But they ain’t intervening in shit. 

    Then cut back To kings Landing on the spikes of the gate are Roseanne and Bill Cosby. 

    then after its all said and done the actual winter is just a snow globe from a little child. End of game of thrones.