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  • Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones

    mft9186 said:
    I thought it was a OK comedy special , laughed at 70 % of it and wasn't offended by anything he said . I really don't believe you can be offended by jokes . Just my opinion 
    It’s a complicated conversation. this is where human beings need to use their brain power. I can understand where people would easily get offended by his set. But I also understand that they don’t need to watch it or take it seriously. The ultimate question is where do we draw the line on hate speech? When does it go from being a joke to being a weapon? 

  • fantasy football advice

    Then I go Hill. Non PPR he’s a deep threat so he’s not reliant on catching a million balls. He gets like a 4-132-1 line all the time. I had him last year and that seemed to be his solid game figure. 
  • Lunch withOUT J&A&C

    Michelle said:
    I’ve been home sick from work all week and I’m about to go stir crazy with cabin fever in this house.  What’s your go to activity when you’re in this situation? (Binging shows, reading, sleeping, writing, anything.)  I’m bored!!!

    Also, today is my 9th anniversary with my company which means *yay* raise!
    1 more year in australia and you would get Long service leave. Which is a 3 month paid off entitlement for 10 years with the same company. Seriously 10 years of service and you get a mandatory 3 months paid vacation. In the US you are lucky if you get to use your 2 weeks vacation. 
  • Tabletop Gaming Group

    I won't be able to make next week, but in general what do you need to play?
    Need a computer that can handle Steam. Don’t need a graphic intense computer. Then you need to purchase Tabletop Simulator. Costs $20 I think. If we’re playing with @Alkaid13 he had s decent collection of games so all you need is TTS to be able to join his server. Also need Discord so you can do the voice chat with the group. That’s free. 

    Btw If anyone wants to play this Saturday night US time I’m down to play but I only have the basic TTS so not sure what games the base version has. 
  • Home Alone Reboot Confirmed

    They should reboot A Christmas Story but in the end we get M Night Shamalyned and it turns out the story takes place in July due to climate change..
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