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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Last week my son (three at the end of May) was sick - vomiting into his hands and telling me he needed to "spit out the yuckies".  Obviously, I took care of him over the course of two days and two nights (my wife is an essential worker, and also vomit is probably her biggest fear).

    Any road, a couple of things made my "day":
    1.  Last week, I found myself remembering a lot of times when my own father looked after me when I was sick.  Made me continue to appreciate what a loving father he was/is, and I was able to share the memory with him (WhatsApp), and tell him I love and appreciate him.  He was touched (at least I think he was, he has a weird WhatsApp communication style full of hyphens)

    2.  Today, I wasn't feeling too hot.  My stomach hurt, and I felt nauseous.  My almost-3 told me: "I'll rub your belly daddy and you'll feel better, okay?"  Even though I didn't feel better physically, I definitely felt better emotionally.  When he asked did it help I told him "yes" and he said "you helped me daddy and I help you".  I'll admit, I got something in my eye.

    All in all, two lovely memories in the midst of a lot of worries.  Thank you, world.
    Good fathers are so important to how a boy becomes a man and what type of man they become. I know I got my manners and emotional stability from mine. I learned the Please, Thank you, you’re welcome at an early age and now it’s ingrAined in me and I never miss it when talking to people. Now I’m doing the same thing with my kids. When they don’t say it I remind them. Also my father rarely got angry. There were some times he argued with my mom and one time he put my brothers head into the wall(he deserved it and was an adult at the time) but I learned to respect women and anger is never the answer. Cheers to great dads!
  • Trainspotting

    Haunting movie. The baby scene is heart wrenching
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    So I had some pretty major pain in my chest so I went to hospital. Got checked up. Apparently the X-ray came back and I had a minor lung infection. They knew it wasn’t Covid but said they were forcing to admit me until all tests confirmed I didn’t have it. They said anyone who comes in with lung issues gets tested. I was like ok. This sucks. 2 days in the hospital but gotta be responsible. So of course after 2 boring horrible days in the hospital I get negative and discharged and then the bill comes...I’m like what? You forced admitted me? Plus the government here said they were covering the costs for Covid. They said nope. Only confirmed cases..I was livid but luckily have insurance. If I didn’t I probably would have lost it. 
  • What We Do In The Shadows on FX

    It’s the best comedy on tv. It’s so underrated. Even my 66 year old father is hooked
    MarciFlukesTeresa from Concord