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  • Trailers and Upcoming TV Thread

    I got to do 8 laps in one at Chicago land speedway. It’s insane. You don’t realise how high the turns are but you almost feel perpendicular to the ground at the corners. 
  • Parasite (Spoilers)

    So is there a definitive parasite?  is it the first or second family? or is it the rich family?

    things that stood out to me. 

    Peaches in Korea are believed to have the power to banish evil, used against the first housekeeper to banish her. 

    the whole basement thing is clearly symbolic of rich vs poor. or the rich hiding the poor problem. 

    the sister gets cut cleaning the broken glass but nothing happens with it. seemed like it was leading to her blood being found.

    the rich dad with his weird fetish proving hes just as weird as anyone else so far. 

    this may not even be the real ending but the mom and son getting off way too easy in my eyes. 

    the flooding and the dad ignoring his neighbors plea for help to save their own stuff and then the shitter exploding while Jessica tries to sit on it. 

    ill have to watch it again as im sure there are alot of things to catch. 
  • 1917 (Spoilers)

    There’s a screener out for this now. Second watch he clearly gets shot in the helmet. There’s a spark.

  • Lasik - yes/no

    Pulled the trigger and got 20/20 for 2020. I ended up going with the newer operation where they don’t cut the flap. I had perfect vision within 24 hours and as of now no side effects or issues. Doctor was actually surprised how fast I recovered during my next day follow up. Didn’t need the Guards or sunglasses. Although today was really sunny so I played it safe and wore them just in case. 
  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    i just want to say as a midwestern kid born in the early 80s like the guys I connect with them And their life experiences. I’d rather spend an hour with J&A than anyone in Hollywood. I love being a club member and helping the guys do what they love. I wish I could do the same and I hope they know that because they work so hard and so such an amazing job they get to have a job they love. You both deserve the job you have and I thank you for the culture and community you built. It’s an amazing accomplishment that the Bald Move community is probably the least toxic and least controversial group online. While we don’t always agree we have mutual respect and understanding. 

    I love being apart of the club and I love everyone here. I’ve never met any of you but I feel like I know a lot of you and feel like you’re a friend of mine. Whether it’s running a fantasy sports league with @Chinaski , @cdrive @awookiee @Noel  @MrX or playing D&D together online with @cretenbull @CapeGabe @Doctor_Nick @flukes @Alkaid13. Or playing board games online with @JaimieT. Or relating to being Australian with @Dee. Or talking with @Michelle @gguenot @pavlovsbell @JoshuaHeter @ken hale about the best TV shows. 

    All of you feel like my friends and no offense to anyone I missed. I really tried to include everyone I’ve spent tome talking with over the past 4 years. I didn’t exclude anyone on purpose. You all are important to me and I love being a part of this community and family. 
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