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  • Top 5 Robin Williams movies....

    1. The Fisher King
    2. Dead Poets Society 
    3. Aladdin
    4. The World According To Garp
    5. Good Will Hunting

  • Re-introduce yourself!

    My name is Shaka
    I live on the second floor
    I live upstairs from you
    Yes I think you've seen me before

    Untruths! My given name isn't even Shaka. Or maybe it is. Who can even tell anymore?

    I live at the Jersey Shore with three young kids, eight, formerly feral cats, and one <enter flattering descriptor here> wife. None of them know about BM. I forget how I came in. It was either GoT or TWD. Probably the latter. 

    I'm a writer/editor by trade. I am not a die hard Covid fan. Though I believe it'll probably take the penant this year.

    I am a die hard Die Hard fan, though!

    Schieß dem Fenster.
    Shoot the glass.
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  • Best/Most Moving Scene In One Pic

    Michelle said:
    No love for Sawyer & Juliet?  I cried rewatching it last night!
    Omigosh I scrolled right past it without realizing what it was. All hearts. And then...

    Not Pennys Boat  Lost tv show Charlie lost

    I can't.
  • Best/Most Moving Scene In One Pic

  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    If the second half of Season 4 R&M is as good as the first half, all I can say is: Fonzie, get your skis. 

    One of the things I love about you guys is how honest you are about everything. Unless you’re actually just a lying bunch of liars. If so, then shame on me I guess for falling for it and devouring all your content. 

    Glad you had relaxing vaca time and that you’re back doing what you love — being independent. 

    Bald Move will rule the world some day. Pickle that.

    Also The Mew Pope was so good and I can’t wait to hear your take tomorrow! ... Mew Pope? Sure typo, why not. He’s the Jellicle Pope!