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  • Mare of Easttown SPOILERS

    Lannitik said:
    Great show, made greater by the fact that A.Ron plays the ex-husband. 
    If A.Ron had just been a smidge nicer to Pam, she probably never would have married Jim. 

    Or something.
  • Re-introduce yourself!

    My name is Shaka
    I live on the second floor
    I live upstairs from you
    Yes I think you've seen me before

    Untruths! My given name isn't even Shaka. Or maybe it is. Who can even tell anymore?

    I live at the Jersey Shore with three young kids, eight, formerly feral cats, and one <enter flattering descriptor here> wife. None of them know about BM. I forget how I came in. It was either GoT or TWD. Probably the latter. 

    I'm a writer/editor by trade. I am not a die hard Covid fan. Though I believe it'll probably take the penant this year.

    I am a die hard Die Hard fan, though!

    Schieß dem Fenster.
    Shoot the glass.
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  • One Weird Trick

    Will the new One Weird Trick podcast come through on the Bald Move Firehose Feed? Or do I have to go subscribe somewhere else like a goddamn peasant?

    Either way, exciting stuff!

  • 402- Payment Required

    I finally caught up! After slogging through season 2 and mostly really enjoying 3, I watched this episode last night. I was so excited to watch it live with you fools tonight but I just learned that it airs at 10pm. What am I? In my 20s? The answer is no. No I am not.
  • Apple TV+ service launching Nov. 1 for $4.99/family subscription (1yr free with purchase)

    I got in on the Disney+ deal. Got 3 years for $140.97. I think it was 33% off the regular monthly price. Have three very young kids so this was a baller of a deal!

    That promo is over now. Sorry chums.

    I have no interest in Apple TV.
    ken hale