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  • Mindhunter season 2

    ken hale said:
    SPOILER-filled angry review to follow:
    Finally finished episode 9 (?). This season felt like a different, shittier show.  Focusing on a single investigation was not a good idea, and didn't play to the show's strengths, which were the interactions between the three main characters and their interactions with psychopaths.  I genuinely believe this was an 8 episode season and Netflix made them add that dumb Manson episode just to get the headlines.  I won't speculate as to their reason for doing so.  But the investigation in the latter half of the season doesn't work at all.  It's mostly absolutely stupid and badly done.  There's a scene where they're tailing their suspect in an idiotically conspicuous line of 5 cars AFTER a lengthy scene in which they've planted a tracking device on his car.  It broke me.  Fuck this show.  And then, in the final ten minutes, we get this twist where there's actually three murderers and the APD is covering for them????  We never see these other two suspects during the season.  How about, I don't know, have your female protagonist ALSO in Atlanta, you know, actually doing shit?  Perhaps offering a foil to lame-ass leading man Holden as she postulates that these other two guys were involved and he argues that it was one man.  Maybe actually build to your climactic moment, your plot twist?  The whole B-plot with Tench, I don't even want to talk about, likewise the ham-fisted attempts at saying something about racial politics.  I didn't like this season at all.  8/10
    LOL "I didn't like this season at all. 8/10"

    That's a pretty generous rating following a pretty scathing review.
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    Puffy vagina?

    In "Anatomy Park," Rick tells Morty he dodged a bullet because the young scientist girl had a "puffy vagina." J & A broached this topic in their podcast today but did not discuss... how did Rick know this personal detail about her? Creepy.

    First post, bitches! Long time listener, first time subscriber.

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