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    So if the third alter was baked into the beginning, then that could explain why Elliot doesn't recognize Darlene when he first meets her in S01E01. I like the idea that Elliot isn't the prime personality.  Someone else is the host, probably not even named Elliot.  
    As part of his work with the Washington Township project Elliot’s dad might have allowed Whiterose to subject his son to an experiment which enabled him to assume multiple personalities. It would track with Whiterose/Zhang’s stating the necessity of father and son to her endgame. 
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    On a serious note, what day is it available in the US? 
    This Friday 
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    Uhh first off HOLY SHIT............. second, I kept thinking its Irving shooting him up, when It was Sam Esmail, I had a visceral fuck yeah reaction. Finally I love how Esmail set up this season, with each character under the thumb or thumbs of someone or something. Whether it was Dom understanding the Danger her mother was in, even though it was telegraphed a mile away, or Darlene in a Jesse Pinkman from BB S4 substance abuse haze, or Elliot/Mr Robot thinking he’s got the drop on the Dark Army not realizing he about 10 steps behind White Rose.  Finally watching Tyrell under the control of his own assistant giving him marching orders knowing full well he cant tell her to fuck off bc his assistant is for all intents and purposes his Boss.
    Brilliant start to the final season. 
  • Great British Baking Show (spoilers)

    JaimieT said:
    Also I know it feels cliche at this point to complain about any quality decline in the show, and I've been trying to roll with it in later seasons, but MAKE THE TECHNICALS EASIER. It's not fun to watch no one succeed.

    Just read this article about the technical challenges being too difficult. 
  • Great British Baking Show (spoilers)

    Not happy with who got sent home this week. I thought it should have Priya and Rosie or just Rosie. I thought  Helena was in good shape given she’d won the technical and did an ok show stopper.