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  • Fortnite

    Ben / Lupo was a total natural in the announcer booth.  I really hope to see more of these types of competitions in the future.  Some people said it was campy / boring, but I found it very tense, and almost every battle was decisive and played at a high level.  Some epic build offs.  It will be interesting to see what kind of competitive meta arises and how Epic will decide to shape it.
  • Instant Talk FAQ

    Yeah, like any Live Recording, head over to baldmove.com 15 minutes before it's scheduled to be on and the article for the Instant Talk will be at the top of the page. Click in that. If you're not logged in it will tell you you need to join the Club or login. If you are logged in, you'll see the video in the article. Above the video is a link that says "join chat". That will take you to the video embedded in the YouTube chat interface. 

    You must have a Club account to access the video, and you must have a YouTube login to participate in chat.

    Hope that helps! There may be some frustrations or hiccups the first few times. We've tested it as thouroughly as two guys can, but depending on how many people show up and how chatty things get it may be crazy!
  • What music are you streaming?

    MrX said:
    Kayne apparently dropping two albums this June ... one solo and one w/ Kid Cudi! @A_Ron_Hubbard I think this calls for a "Bald Music" podcast once they are released.
    There was a lot of excitement at the Hubbard house today, I'll tell ya that much.
  • 302 - IFF

    Eh, it really only took a few hundred years for the concept of a "state" going from abstract to the default.  It's taken much less than 300 years for the United States to stop seeing themselves as a confederation of States and more as a actual nation.  What will probably happen is the continents will unite ala the EU and borders become less and less important. Maybe it's a stretch to believe it, but not nearly as big a stretch as inventing something like the Epstein Drive.
  • 302 - IFF

    Directed by: Breck Eisner
    Writing Credits: Ty Franck & Daniel Abraham & Hallie Lambert

    I don't get these credits.  IMDB seemingly lists Breck and Ty and Dan (creators of The Expanse novel series) for every episode.  Is this legit?  Or should I just credit the staff writer?