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  • The 5th Annual Bald Move Awards 2019!

    I'm glad people like the deliberations. It's the sort of content I can't get enough of but hardly anyone does it. I would love a series that's just good friends arguing in good natured good faith about whatever.
  • UPDATES! Forum Upgrades

    Update... We have moved to the new server. It feels like we didn't lose much data, but I wouldn't be surprised if an hour or two's worth of posts went missing. Now onto stage 2, upgrading the base software. I don't anticipate any data loss during this step, but it will probably take a day or two.

    Original post...
    Hello, we're bringing out the big guns as far as upgrades go. We're migrating to an entirely different server with a new OS, we're upgrading all of the base software vanilla forums runs on, (mysql, php, apache). Then we are going to update vanilla itself. Finally, we are going to attempt to purge all threads older than 2 years in an effort to restore performance.

    This might disrupt service (more that it already is, ha!), but we don't expect any data loss, and at any rate, we have a good backup from this morning. Some of this work is being performed by our host on contract, some of it will be done by myself, and it will most likely span several days. I will update this post when we are finished with the upgrades. If performance is still not improved we'll discuss with the community potential next steps.

    Thanks for your patience with the forums, and I appreciate everyone who has stuck around while this thing has been gasping and wheezing!
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  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    It should be playing fine now peeps!
  • Harmontown

    I just finished the penultimate episode. The guests were a little cringe, especially the Kimono wearer, but I loved Dan's rapidfire meeting of them towards the end. Also, that one guy's Dan impression was just *chef's kiss*. I love when a guest can delight Dan that much.

    Now I just need to summon the fortitude to finish CLIFFHANGER! and my journey will be complete. I'm also super excited about this whole Schrabcast idea. I hope Dan shows up from time to time to heckle him.
  • The Podcast Maneuver – S01E01 – “Remembrance”: A Picard Podcast Discussion!

    By far my favorite virtual set! We're messing around with the ability to go to "red alert" mode, haha.