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  • Will this hurt #metoo

    Dee said:
    Dee said:
    Dee said:
    Well, in the last 24 hours Louis CK did a surprise stand up performance and got a standing ovation, and Netflix announced another season of Master Of None with Aziz Ansari. That #metoo witch hunt is really ruining men’s lives... 
    I'd like to state for the record that I predicted this on a previous thread. Lol

    Master of None isn't even a good show.
    Every woman predicted this. We all know what we’re worth. 
    Ok... It gets better @Dee

    Two Women Describe Louis C.K.’s ‘Uncomfortable’ Comedy Cellar Set

    ... There was a rape whistle joke...

    I started to read the comments and then just... ah, fuck. 

    I literally think of men the way I think of dogs these days. There are some individual ones I’m fond of and enjoy the company of, but as a group overall I find them frightening and I don’t want them anywhere near me. 
    Some of us are very good boys, housebroken and everything. #notalldogs
  • Sharp Objects Ep. 8 - Milk

    As the winner of however many internet points the teeth call was worth, it was an interesting experience. I thought the teeth would be the thing that either Vickers, Willis, or Camille would notice that would blow the lid off the investigation. The reveal so late, felt like such a "oh yeah, and also Aron was right" moment it made me laugh.

    I've had several joking and a few outright accusations of internet point fraud. I mean, whatever. I had Cecily compiling feedback all season because I was afraid of book reader contamination. I got the feeling between episode 6 and 7 after a few off air conversations with Jim and Cecily. I mean, maybe Cecily knew and her reactions or lack thereof subtly influenced me, but the reality is the pieces were all there, I just connected them. Amma's rage whenever her doll house didn't match up to the real one. The emphasis on the ivory and how you can't get it anymore, how it is forbidden. The emphasis on the bizarreness of the teeth pulling in relation to the crime. Camille studying the doll house ever more closely in recent episodes.

    But like I said, the way they used the reveal was pretty far from how I saw it happening. I also didn't see it being recognizably teeth. I'm frankly disappointed at Amma's craftsmanship. Surely Adora knew about this? How does a child glue a bunch of teeth in the floor and the mother not know about it? Is Adora taking the fall for the other two girl's murders?

    Another question: who killed the teenage lesbian lovers? Camille and she repressed it? Adora? Just the general malice and malaise of the town? Man, what a "snatch darkness out of the Jaws of a happy ending" kind of thing.
  • Fortnite

    Pretty funny satire at Ninja's expense: http://www.pointandclickbait.com/2018/08/shrug
  • Unwarranted Concern with the Boys BlacKkKlansman review goes here...

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  • Unwarranted Concern with the Boys BlacKkKlansman review goes here...

    This discussion was created from comments split from: BlacKkKlansman - This is why I'm happy to be in Club Baldmove. That thread is a joyous occasion, and people doing THE VERY THINGS I SAID WE WEREN'T GOING TO BE COOL WITH IN THE REVIEW are harshing it's buzz. If you're concerned with your free speech on this forum, or how BOTH SIDES!!! are bad. Post here. Only unique, reasonably framed arguments allowed. This thread is going to be tightly moderated. If you're concern adds nothing new, or is phrased like a total asshole, it will be deleted and you'll probably get banned.

    I provocatively titled this thread to make a point. It's hilarious how people apparently are able to parse Trump's ugly and hateful words in a way that is inoffensive and yet are making the leap that Bald Move is going to become some distopian gulag where no one can disagree with the mighty Jim and A.Ron. Dudes, I think I've made it abundantly clear I don't give a fuck about people disagreeing with me. I'd debate you all if I had the time. It's just that debating you makes the minorities who's lives are threatened by the rise of racism emboldened and enabled by the Trump administration feel unsafe. That is my very warranted concern.