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  • Battlestar Galactica Commission

    That would be a big difference. I can't believe they thought that was a good change. Would have probably have made the episode one I overall liked rather than overall disliked. 
  • Dave Chappelle on Netflix

    So I saw it last night.  Honestly, I can see where Dee is coming from.  Saying someone who was a victim of admitted abuse had a "fragile spirit" is super shitty.  Now, I think that everything that happened in the first 20 minutes is to setup the last 40.  It's my opinion that he's saying these offensive things and daring white liberals to come at him and ignore the last 40.  Which is pretty much what's happening in social justice circles.

    But that's fine, because those circles don't need the intro level courses into racial / gender insight that he's offering.  But a lot of folks do.  Especially the part at the very end where he contrasts pimping with unfettered capitalism and says that the reason he left Hollywood is precisely because of all this shit that was happening behind closed doors and how truly sick and depraved it is.  He's also hinting that there is much more to this hollywood story, which is probably the long rumored crazy sick pedo ring happening out there, and I think, I think he also casually admitted to being raped as a teenager himself, but I need to watch it again.

    Dave is coming from a place of a rich black man in the middle of Trumpland (Dave lives about an hour from me) who is amazed that he's catching heat for joking about reactions to having Louis whip his dick out when black men are killed in the streets and white folks tut tut that "all lives matter" and "stand for the flag kneel for heroes".  I strongly disagree with Dee's overall takeaway that he's punching down, but I see where she's coming from, don't think she needs to explain herself, and hope Dave continues the conversation we should all be having nationally.
  • Dave Chappelle on Netflix

    Dee said:
    His “fantastic” Louis CK bit was fucking disgusting. Chappelle has turned into (always was?) an anachronistic arsehole who delights in punching down. He’s “not afraid” to take on touchy subjects? He’s “not afraid” to make fun of sexual assault victims and trans people. Ooooh, such an edgelord. 
    I didn't hear the Louis bit because I've only seen the first new one  "Equanimity", but I'm surprised you are offended by the trans materiel in the new one. I thought he did a great job of explaining himself and the reaction to the criticism of last year's specials with honesty and love. You also have to consider the audience and the room. To take offense at the trans stuff it seems you have to really overlook the openly racist, sexist, and classist humor and only take the trans stuff at face value. Like, you don't think Dave hates black people do you? You don't think he thinks they only hang out in check cashing lines and take any opportunity to rob defenseless white people? But you had to hear that material to get to the trans material. 

    "I don't understand trans issues and I might never fully understand them, but I don't need to understand them to know that trans persons deserve the same dignity and safety that every person does by virtue of their humanity. As a black man I'm frankly jealous of the apparent speed at which trans people are being accepted by mainstream society, and also, you know what? I am skeptical that this would be happening at all if it were, say, a black thing. Finally, if you want to hurt or persecute trans people then fuck off I don't want you as a fan."  None of that is offensive, and it's also a progressive opinion by American standards. I'm not saying I can't see why some of his jokes leading up to this would be upsetting to hear as a trans person that is struggling, but I vastly prefer honest conversation to "welp, I'm just never going to talk about THIS ever again." 

    Maybe he really stepped in it with the Louis stuff. If so, I hope the conversation doesn't end there, because not every audience and community is as "woke" as the next one, and not every sermon is one size fits all.  Dave is smart, and has a functional heart and conscience, and is working this out in front of an audience who is probably ambivalent or even hostile to these issues. Notice how quiet the room got when he went there.  That has value, because not everyone was born with the "correct" views. I don't know how you can't draw a direct line between his story about Emmitt Till and his talking about trans people. I think we have to make the distinction between well meaning ignorance and hate, or just decide you don't give a shit about having allies and see where that gets you in the struggle. 

  • Non-traditional Christmas Songs

    Cecily just introduced me to The River during our road trip back to Indy for my side of the family Christmas.  It's lovely.  Lately I've been loving CeeLo Green's cover of Stevie Wonder's "What Christmas Means to Me".  It's a hell of a lot of fun, and great to get the booty moving.  If you have Google Play, starting a Radio with that as the base almost never steers me wrong.
  • Goddammit, Louis.

    Dee said:
    The perpetrators of the acts against men have still been men. This is an almost 100% male problem. Regards, “Someone” 
    Do you think this is almost 100% a male problem?  Let's see if I can articulate this without coming across like an asshole... I've been sexually harassed and groped on several occasions, two of which have been men, 4 have been women.  Now, I realize that this would be considered a shockingly low number of times were I a woman of equivalent age and status, AND it's a different dynamic in that in none of these instances did I feel unable to physically resist or any sort of danger aside from the awkwardness and general humiliation.  Having said that, shockingly low does not mean non-existent, and I kind of assumed that just out of some sort of general population curve some famous woman would have gotten caught up in this once it became clear this was a wave and not just one or two token effigies to burn.  I mean, aside from Brett Butler I can't think of any high profile Hollywood or business woman or politician who has ever been named, and that was an age ago. If you're correct that this is 100% a male problem, then obviously that explains that.  But, another thought is a dearth of women in positions of power to do shit like this and have it hushed and kept quiet.  So is it 100% male or yet another problem with representation, I guess is what I'm saying.

    On a somewhat related note, it seems like no one is really taking Terry Crews' groping story seriously.  They guy who grabbed his nuts at Adam Sandler's birthday party is back to work and has lost no clients and the president of the talent agency is pretending that all this is the first he's heard of it even though Terry has come forward with contemporary texts proving that he reported it.  I'm not sure if it's because he's a man, a particularly strong and tough man, or a black man, or all three but it's just not going anywhere.  Adam Venit is just running the old "getting away with it" playbook in a climate where nobody is getting away with running that, aside of course from the President and Senate hopeful Roy Moore.