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  • 302 - IFF

    It would be roughly like jumping into season 3 of Game of Thrones.  If you think you can hang with that, then go for it.  We got feedback from at least one person who said they jumped into S3 and was having fun with it.

    But to actually enjoy the show, it would be best to start off with the first season.  Episode 4 is where it really starts to hum, and episode 8 is another high water mark.  I think season 2 is even better, and so far season 3 is on even another level.  It reminds me of BrBa that way, in that the first three seasons are massive improvements over the ones that came before, and it's not like season one or two were garbage.
  • Help publishing a podcast

    Libsyn will completely hook you up for about $5/month.  If that's too salty, you've really only got two options, 1) soundcloud or podbean or some all in one host like that, I think their bottom tiers are all free, and 2) wordpress + powerpress (the bluberry extension).  

    I think you can find a free wordpress host if you look around. Then you just have to install and enable the Powerpress plugin, which isn't too technically demanding.  That's what we did, and it's what we're still doing years later.  All this has a learning curve, and it helps a lot to be pretty on the ball when it comes to tech and the internet, but 99% of what you're going to be doing here is working with a GUI, so while you'll have to read documentation to properly fill out the setup for the feed and understand all the inputs and how they work with like Apple's ingestion system, you're not going to have to write code or do anything really exotic.  In general in this biz; easy, robust, cheap. Pick any two.  Once you get your feeds configured, it builds them automatically for you each time you upload a new podcast.

    I'd advise against #1, because that option ties you into those places ecosystem, and when you outgrow them, it's going to be a massive bitch to you and your audience to move one.  We've kicked our can down ever bigger roads for over 8 years now, and it's always really easy and usually transparent to the end listener.  You can put the actual mp3 files any where you legally can, but it's really important to own and manage your own RSS feeds, because that's the real estate your listeners will actually be squatting on.  You change that, and you're forcing a lot of people to migrate along side of you, and a portion of your listeners aren't going to be along for the ride.
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  • 812 - The Key

    Hey, anyone watching the Live Recording, I apologize that it was such a shit show.  Something weird was happening with our network and we were dropping video like crazy.  We just switched internet providers and are investigating what's going on.  We should have it nailed down pretty soon.
  • Fortnite

    He mentioned he's moving? Looks like Sanford and Son, haha.
  • Fortnite

    What follows is my complete opinion on Ninja.  I am the rare Ninja semi-detractor that is not going to bag on him for being "Crinja".  I'm with Jaimie, that is kind of adorable.  

    Ninja is a lot of fun to watch.  He's got a nervous energy that's contagious, he has some shtick that just works and is funny, he's literally the best I've seen at the game and he keeps working on aspects of new mechanics like the impulse grenade until he's just an artist.  He uses traps, taunts, and high skill plays to not just defeat opponents, but to hilariously destroy their ego.  There are a couple of plays that I'm sure has led to the other player rage quitting the game.  Sometimes this backfires and Ninja's reaction to playing himself is funnier than whatever the thing he is trying to do.  His work ethic is legendary.  He is clearly data driven, and slowly hones his stream schedule and marketing to reach the maximum number of viewers.  Even his pivot to Fortnite from PUBG was masterful.

    But I tell you what, it's not fun to watch him berate a 30+ year old streamer for making a minor mistake in what is essentially a perpetual exhibition match.  For example, two nights ago, Dr. Lupo and him briefly discussed their healing situation after a tense run out of a zone.  I forget the exact deal, but Lupo had a full med kit and Ninja had a mix of bandages and shields and one of them had a camp fire.  Lupo offered ninja his medkit, ninja said he didn't want it, so Lupo used the campfire to start both of them healing.  Ninja immediately jumped down his throat and said why didn't you use the medkit.  Lupo was kinda joking trying to defuse the situation and explain that they just discussed what they had and what they didn't and Ninja cut him off with the following dialog.  "No no no no NO!  NO!  BEN! BEN! (Lupo's real name) It doesn't fucking matter what we discussed, or what you said the med kit takes up a inventory slot and the campfire doesn't, it was stupid to use the campfire instead of the medkit.  Period."  About 30 seconds of awkward silence follows. Ninja realizes he's been a dick and kind of tries to make up for it, but the chemistry was fucked up because that's just something Ninja does.  Now, that's a completely valid point he's trying to make.  There are a billion ways to make it without being a dick, but he went with maximum dick.  Again, in a glorified expedition match.

    I've seen him stream with top 10 players, and he continually back stream drives them (often when he's dead, which is extra LOL), something he'd never tolerate.  Granted, he's better than them all, but when you have a pack of top players in squads all this back seat bitching is just a very bad look.  And if you switch to the guy who's playing with's perspective, they are not having a good time.  It's making them and their community feel bad, it's not fun.

    He also poorly manages his community.  He indulges troublemakers and people who are trying to scam him or work an angle and spends five minutes of a stream passively aggressively arguing with them and using what I think he thinks is a Dad voice on them.  Like, the second he reads a donation asking him to look at a gofundme I know that the stream is going to be trash for the next 15 minutes.  Five for him to make a show of refunding the money and scolding the dude, five because he's fuming for it, and five awkward minutes while he tries to get mentally back into the game.

    And why is he even in charge of this? His wife, who bills herself as his manager, is always upstairs watching the bachelor.  If she can't screen his donos and handle all this stuff that takes him out of the game, maybe fucking hire somebody with your million dollar a month funding.  Maybe spend some money on your busted ass presentation.  Take some notes from the doc.  Get a dance studio for your pon pon routine.  Work on your lighting.  Get a green screen studio to hide the ridiculous guest bedroom studio he's rocking.  Like, this stuff wouldn't take a $1000 bucks to do.  If I were him I'd hire a designer and contractor to just build an awesome studio for me.  If it costs $50k, it would be money well spent.  If Club Bald Move started making a million dollars a month, do you think we'd hem and haw about ditching the shit we got now and getting some quality gear?  Honestly, I'd be embarrassed not to.  He joked last week about how trivial getting a better camera setup would be and "I just need to pull the trigger on it, but I'm too lazy, haha".  Haha?  Really?  

    And yeah, I think a guy who went from a comfortable living to getting a million a month or more thrown at him has a greater obligation than the mere accumulation of wealth.  Like, what are his plans?  I see his wife streaming with her expensive clothes and leather hand bags in their awesome kitchen and that's cool and all, but what is he going to do with this wealth?  The other thing is he comes from an admittedly upper middle class family but he carries himself and goes on long rants as if he worked for and earned everything like he came out of the slums of Brazil.  It's also a complete roll of the dice whether you're going to get something good from an interaction with him.   

    Finally, if you keep watching, he's a funny guy, but about 15% of his act is what I consider indulging in racists stereotypes, because he's just joking, guys.  And when this is pointed out to him, he's not the racists the person politely saying that his offensive stereotypes are, offensive, and that twitch has a lot of black, asian, gay, trans, etc viewers he just doubles down and says that if people can't get a joke that's their problem.  That's such a foolish attitude, and indicitive of someone who has no idea of how lucky and powerful they are.

    It's just frustrating for me to see a young guy like this in a position to transform twitch into something even more amazing and inclusive just shrug his shoulders and keep stacking bills.  It's very Walter White after awhile.  

    Some of this stuff should have bothered me about the Doc, probably, but I only watched him for about six weeks before his fall from grace, and he was playing a character besides.  I always assumed bigger and better things were being planned in the background.  Ninja is pretty young and pretty sheltered.  If he grows up a bit more he can be something more than the most popular streamer on twitch.  It's the difference between Michael Jordan (unquestionably the best player in his generation, perhaps of all time.  Famously refused to comment on politics and social justice because "Republicans buy Nike too"), and Lebron James (also unquestionably the best player in his generation, realizes he has fuck you money already, speaks his mind to power and is making himself into a political force).  

    I'm not saying people shouldn't watch Ninja.  Hell, I still do.  I make it until he does one of the things that makes me turn him off.  I'm just saying I genuinely believe he could be more successful, with a much broader definition of "success" if he grows up a bit, maybe sees a therapist for his control/empathy issues, and learns a bit of humility.  
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