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  • Eating Their Own. And their $$$

    Here's the deal, I don't owe any individual person an exhaustive one on one personal debunking of their political bullshit.  I do that more than enough for my friends and family. But you know there's an open invitation at 3rt@swizzbold.com for that kind of thing, so if I have to do it, I can do it once for many people's benefit. I'm pretty agreeable, even to people I disagree with.  

    I'm also not concerned about your subjective opinion of what we decide to cover, and how we cover it.  Especially when your subjective opinion is phrased at maximum obnoxiousness, and is omnipresent. And if you think I'm exaggerating, his go to move was posting this on every other podcast post. 

    Everytime I saw this image on my timeline, my molars would explode. I told him I'd unblock him if he'd just stop all that shit, and this thread is the result.  I try to be a real sweet heart to everyone. But if you can't respect boundaries. It's not worth $5/month putting up with you. 
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  • Albums you’re most embarrassed that you owned

    Hatorian said:

    GREAT soundtrack to a bad movie

    Hell you put the main theme on I'll fight some one RIGHT NOW
  • Back in business!

    It doesn't seem weird to me. I used to love Television Without Pity, and I kept reading trashy reviews of old trashy shows I gave up on. It's like when you call an old friend and they catch you up on the goings on of all the tragic people you used to hang out with. Even without all the details, you "get it".
  • Rick and Morty

    We'll be making it official soon, but we'll be back on Monday May the Fourth to finish out the season!
  • Best Show BM Has Covered and Best Podcast BM Has Done

    One I'm proud of the most is The Leftovers. Always puts a smile on my face when I hear someone watched it because of an us.

    And man, I feel like we got robbed on Game of Thrones. Imagine a universe in which GRRM kept writing and the DD's nailed it. The SpoiLores we could have had together!

    But I think the golden age of TWD is hard to beat in terms of fun factor.