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  • Bald Movies?

    cdrive said:
    @Jim & @A_Ron_Hubbard ,

    Would y’all consider reviewing Hereditary?  I’m listening to a Slate podcast on it now and it’s got me hoping y’all will do one.  Without spoiling the movie, I think you two would both have cool shit to say about it.  And I remember you guys had good things to say about It Follows and Witch.  Ok *fingers-crossed*. Thanks 

    Up to Jim. I've already seen it. I was a mild fan that thought the ending kinda ruined it.
  • Update on Commissioned Podcasts in the Future?

    As this discussion illustrates, it is really hard to satisfy all of the cool conditions that made the commissioning experience fun and rewarding.

    1) The price. Back when we envisioned it, we thought the price would make commissions so exotic that we'd only see 2-5 a year.  Obviously, that was super wrong, and it was far more approachable than we thought. It was expensive, but in line with a once a year indulgence for someone with middle class income and above. With the debut of community commissions, it was even more reachable and democratic. 

    2) The uniqueness. If it was just Jim and I reviewing nostalgia fests, I'm sure we would have gotten to the Star Wars and Goonies and Back to the Futures of the world, but we would never have done something like  The Prophet, Hell or High Water, Pontypool, etc. Getting outside influences keeps things interesting for us.

    Right now we're looking into software that will add a demand curve to the queue.  So, the first commission in the queue costs X. Next one will be X + N1, next one will be X + N2.  We hope this will kind of allow the market to set a price.

    We're also thinking of making the commissions seasonal.  Say the queue opens up twice a year and accepts 10 slots.  This will allow us to have more management over the queue, will keep the prices from endlessly inflating, and allow us to slot these into the parts of the year that work well for our schedules.

    To encourage the community aspect, we could create a forum for commission collaboration and people can use apps like Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, etc to pool their resources. This is important because it's unlikely that we'll have a store that will support the shares idea like we had before, let alone integrate it into this demand system. Obviously their is a non trivial chance for fraud, but I don't think we have a lot of bad actors in the community and we hope that doesn't become a problem.

    We could make commissions cost $1000 and open them up right now. If the queue gets loaded, keep raising until it doesn't. Cut prices when we get caught up. Basic economics. We're just not really enthused about a system that maximizes efficiency and profit at the possible expense of satisfaction and enjoyment. But we'll see how well the community collaborates. I imagine it will be really easy to get 10-30 people to chip in on something popular, and if so, controlling demand through price might be an equitable way to proceed.

    But long term, is $1000 "worth it" to Bald Move? Here are some numbers for an Empire Biz I'm working on. So, we're making about $15k/month from the club. Let's say Jim and I work 50 hours a week to "earn" that. That's about 434 man hours a month. Advertising brings in an additional $2500 a month. So that means we generate roughly $40 for each hour of work.

    A commissioned podcast takes at minimum 10 man hours to produce given 2ish hours of content. At $350, that means they're less profitable on average than other forms of content. Many commissions require more time than that. Also, last year the clubs monthly recurring revenue was about $8k. While the club's growth appears to be slowing (still a matter of analysis), it's easy to see that even with more modest growth it won't take long to make commissions prohibitively expensive if the only metric is money and value to Bald Move. And that's with our low ad revenue compared to our traffic. 

    Speaking as just A.Ron, because this is an idea I just had and Jim's on vacation, but I think a possible future of commissions is make them generators for charity. Then it doesn't really matter what they're value is, or to the extent that they get salty, people feel better about it because it's going to a good cause and just not further lining the pockets of the greedy podcasting industrialists. 

    Anyway, lots more of this kind of shit in a soon to be coming Empire Business.
  • Sharp Objects

    gguenot said:
    I'm sort of nervous about it. I love the talent attached and the trailers look killer, but hooooo-boy I did not like Gone Girl at all. Not even Carrie Coon at her tomboyest could save that one for me. 
    Not that you need to explain, but I'm curious what you didnt like about it. I was luke warm on it and couldnt place why it wasnt a movie i REALLY liked.
    Aside from the fact that I was uncomfortable with the idea of the plot being a woman setting up a man with an elaborate and malicious false accusation, to the extent that the whole time I was watching I was thinking, "man, people really thought this was a good idea?" in the political/sexual climate of the time... I thought Affleck was really bad, and Pike's character was a straight up cartoon. There wasn't anyone I really wanted to "win" or root for. I also found the ending perplexing and unsatisfying. 
  • Sharp Objects

    I'm sort of nervous about it. I love the talent attached and the trailers look killer, but hooooo-boy I did not like Gone Girl at all. Not even Carrie Coon at her tomboyest could save that one for me. 
  • Is twitch dead?

    I was on vacation last week, I guess Jim didn't play anything. I plan on playing some solo stuff tomorrow. 

    I will say that I think we need to rethink our Twitch strategy. When we consistently talk up twitch for a few months in front of an audience of 50k, and you get an average of 40 viewers, that tells me that playing video games just isn't a great fit for our audience. We're thinking of moving towards stuff like LiveWatches and IRL stuff to see if that's more appealing. 
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