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  • UPDATES! Forum Upgrades

    Update... We have moved to the new server. It feels like we didn't lose much data, but I wouldn't be surprised if an hour or two's worth of posts went missing. Now onto stage 2, upgrading the base software. I don't anticipate any data loss during this step, but it will probably take a day or two.

    Original post...
    Hello, we're bringing out the big guns as far as upgrades go. We're migrating to an entirely different server with a new OS, we're upgrading all of the base software vanilla forums runs on, (mysql, php, apache). Then we are going to update vanilla itself. Finally, we are going to attempt to purge all threads older than 2 years in an effort to restore performance.

    This might disrupt service (more that it already is, ha!), but we don't expect any data loss, and at any rate, we have a good backup from this morning. Some of this work is being performed by our host on contract, some of it will be done by myself, and it will most likely span several days. I will update this post when we are finished with the upgrades. If performance is still not improved we'll discuss with the community potential next steps.

    Thanks for your patience with the forums, and I appreciate everyone who has stuck around while this thing has been gasping and wheezing!
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    Yeah, we doubled the server capacity last week and it maybe, took the edge off a little bit. That's what lead me to believe there is a deeper problem because it was humming like a top then took off into 1000% utilization land and hasn't come back. It doesn't match up exactly with a code piece we put in place, but it's within 10 days, and I wonder if there wasn't a threshold.

    Anyway, yeah, I understand the psychology aspect of it and it's not good. More and more it's looking like the logical step is to move the community to a solution with actual support. Hosted vanilla forums is horrifically expensive, (I think their entry level option is $700/month); other solutions that are robust and less expensive would be a problem to have a VIP solution for. We're preparing a Empire Business to lay the options before the community and see how people feel about the various tradeoffs of the various solutions. In the meantime it probably doesn't make anyone feel any better but I literally lose sleep about it.
  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    Wait, was Watchmen a problem, controversial podcast for Bald Move?  Hadn't picked up on that. Or are you saying it just wasn't as popular for Bald Move because baseline Watchmen fans weren't into it? 

    re: 2019 as an especially rough year... and a Watchmen series that tackles racism isn't seen as "shit" by half of that fanbase and all the hard work paid off and we're on cloud nine.

    Yeah, that's what I'm saying. You have to realize that everytime we espouse or endorse a controversial opinion like "hey, on average black people have it kind of rough in America" we lose audience and support. Not as much nowadays as back in the battleground years of the early Trump presidency, but we still get a lot of "I've sat and put up with your liberal bullshit for quite a while now, but enough is enough". And of course with every new show there is an opportunity to gain new audience and when half of the likely ears don't even watch the show because of its messaging that otherwise would... Not complaining, btw, just explaining. I've seen communities that have tried to stay neutral in this, and I've seen communities embrace reactionaries, and I'll take this community every fucking day, and I'll take the Watchmen we got over a hypothetical lukewarm "Zack Snyder: The Next Generation" project with the same zeal.

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  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    re: 2019 as an especially rough year... it's just a year that it felt like most of what we tried to do "extra" just failed. Like, there's a universe where D&D gave a shit and Game of Thrones had an excellent last year that united the fan base and  boosted hype for the prequels and I sold a ton of copies of my books and Star Wars was universally beloved by all parties and the Mandalorian becomes a breakout hit for our coverage and we go on Harmontown and don't disgrace ourselves and get a bunch of new listeners completely outside our normal audience and a Watchmen series that tackles racism isn't seen as "shit" by half of that fanbase and all the hard work paid off and we're on cloud nine.

    A lot of things didn't break our way. This thread also has helped me realized that I guess we're more opaque about what's going on with Bald Move in the moment to moment stuff than if feels like. I thought more of the behind the scenes stuff would be obvious from the public comments we did make. I don't like bragging or bitching about stuff so it always feels to me like I'm talking 10x more about stuff as I should be and usually there are a few people who are pretty vocal with their "just shut up and cast" opinions, so it's easy to default to a share less that still feels like too much kind of model? I dunno, this far along and I'm still feeling like I have a lot to learn!

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  • Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker *SPOILER DISCUSSION*

    DoubleT said:
     Jim said he keeps waiting for the next movie to be good.
    What surprised me over the past week was re-watching TFA & TLJ & then listening to the guys' podcast reviews. @Jim do you remember how positive you were about both movies in your reviews? You were quite pumped about TFA & said you were excited to see what comes next. From the opening minutes of the TLJ review you keep saying that you really liked it. Now, not only did you dislike TROS but you speak as if the whole trilogy has been a train wreck. That you couldn't blame Abrams for saying "fk it" when writing this movie given what he had to lead in from. I'm not pointing this out to be a pedantic a-hole. All I'm saying, as a piece of honest feedback is that when your opinion has changed so much, perhaps due to subsequent viewings of the prior movies you could mention that fact in the next installment's review as an explanation for why your views have shifted so much. Otherwise it's quite the whiplash effect when listening to the podcasts in succession. It would be like a reviewer loving say the second season of Better Call Saul, then coming back the next year & being totally down on it without any description of why.
    Star Wars seems to have this bizarre psychological effect on people. It’s almost supernatural in its ability to make you think you like it when you watch it, right up until everyone else convinces you that you actually hate it and that’s just your life now.

    A. Ron also said in that review that one of his favorite things about The Last Jedi was the casino planet stuff. But now he hates it. There’s just something about this particular franchise that allows for wild branch-swinging opinions, and I’ve never understood it.

    I hope scientists study the brains of Star Wars fans one day. 
    I know for me, watching it with the kiddo really amps up the sentimentality. I can't speak for Jim, but I don't think I've pulled a 180 on these movies. I really liked TFA. I really didn't like TLJ, and I thought TROS was absurd. I do think ending the trilogy in a way that was not to my eyes satisfactory makes the entire enterprise seem worse in retrospect. 

    Regardless of anyone's personal like or dislike of the resulting movies, this strikes me as one of those Bad/Good Process / Bad/Good Outcome type quadrant deals. I think the way you handle these kind of things is either plan things out in advance and coordinate between the directors and projects, or you do them one at a time and wait until you have a good story ready to go before you go ahead with the next one. To do otherwise is a "bad process", and it's a bad process regardless of whether you liked the movie or not ("Good outcome"). I'd rather have good processes that crank out the occasional creative failure than bad processes that occasionally crank out a watchable film for some people.

    But that's just me.