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  • Bald Move Guitar & Gear Nerds!

    1966 Mosrite Celebrity. It's a 12 string, but I took the octave strings off, just like I did when I was a kid.

    My Dad played guitar back in the 60's in his High School Band that he was a part of. Back then, they actually opened up for some bigger acts of that era. He's got some great stories about this. I found this as a young boy, sitting in our basement, all alone, in its case. I picked it up and asked if I could play with it. :As long as you don't damage it", he would say.

    The guitar I grew up as a kid picking up and strumming nonsense into, grew to teaching myself and playing it every day as a High School teenager. It became a hobby and I purchased my own guitars, and started my own little collection.

    As I got older I kept asking him if he would ever give it to me, since I still play. In my 20's, the answer was "nope". In my 30's, still the same answer. I hit 40, thinking he might give it up... Nope.

    Last year, New Years Eve 2019, me and my lady went to celebrate with my Dad and Stepmother for a few cocktails, he surprised me and brought it out. He told me I could have it. 

    Oh, the feels I had. Tears and hugs. What a man. I will cherish this forever. 

    Wish I knew how to copy and paste a pic, but at a loss...must be missing something...

  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Captain America: The First Avenger - I am going through the MCU when I have the time and decided to watch in the order of the Cinematic Universe. Some of these movies I haven't seen many times over, and this was one of them. This may be a bit controversial, but while I haven't been a huge fan of the Chris Evans Cap, I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed the re-watch.

    The origin story of Steve Rogers was fun to see again. Tesseract in play, WWII Setting, Bucky, Peggy Carter, Red Skull, and of course Tommy Lee Jones playing Chester Phillips ( I still see and hear Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in everything he does now and that's okay).

    It felt fresh since I haven't seen this movie in such a long time. It's fun to look back at how it all started, at the same time the mysteries making a little more sense to ease the viewing.

    Loved the small part Neal McDonough played as Dim Dum. He played the role so well and have always been a fan of his work. I would have loved to see Marvel/Disney make a series featuring him and the Howling Commandos.

    Next up: Captain Marvel.
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  • What music are you streaming?

    On Sunday I had Tori Amos: Boys For Pele playing in the house while on the computer and cleaning up the house. Damn that women is incredible. This is my favorite album by her to play from front to back. Personally, this was the peak of Tori.

    Little Earthquakes/Under The Pink/Boys For Pele are my Tori Amos Trilogy. She started to lose me when she added so many more instruments and made her sound larger. The beauty of her is the piano and her voice.
  • What are you eating?

    Trying to drop the Covid-19 lbs... so time to diet. Chicken, Normandy Blend veggies, tuna, Salmon, Pork, yogurt, salads. Low carbs, low fat. Going to make some spaghetti squash with marinade and grill some chicken breasts.

    Getting old sucks. Not being able to eat like a 17 year old sucks, but I have to make some changes before the weather gets warm here in WI. Can't keep this dad bod in its current state.
  • Edgar Wright to Remake The Running Man

    I guess I am the minority.

    As a longtime "Constant Reader" I was NOT a fan of the Arnie version of The Running Man. While I did like Richard Dawson's role in the film, I was not a fan of the movie at all. I wish they would have named this movie something other than the Stephen King/Richard Bachman novel title. Maybe I wouldn't have passed judgment so easily then.

    It does sound like Wright's version will be a more faithful and true version of the novel. This is something I am looking forward to. 

    Now, if Hollywood would get serious and get to it with "The Long Walk". One of my all time favorite stories.