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  • 606 - "Blood of My Blood" - SPOILER THREAD!!

    Arya Vs Waif...

    I think the clue to how this will go was given to us in the very last Arya scene this week- Arya blows out the candle.

    We have been shown that the Waif can easily best Arya... with the lights on. But Arya has been trained to fight while blind. Advantage Arya! Oh, and she has a pointy thing instead of a stick, a pointy thing no one knows she has, presumedly.
  • HBO will have "After the Thrones" this season

    I have always very much liked Chris, he seems open to exploring different ideas about television shows and movies. But Andy… Oh, Andy...

    My problem with Andy is as follows.

    Admittedly smart and sometimes insightful and often a bit too clever for his own good, I think his judgment is suspect.

    He seems to have a problem distinguishing between shows he likes and shows that are good.

    From its debut, he has declared The Americans the best show on television. To put this in context, the year it debuted Breaking Bad and Mad Men were still running. He has also admitted that The Americans is his favorite show on television. In our current Golden Age of TV, The Americans sits at least one tier below Breaking Bad and Mad Men and this comes from somebody who likes The Americans very much.

    He famously hated the first season of True Detective. He holds fast to the opinion that the first season of True Detective was terrible and the second season was good.

    I have heard a counter argument about Andy from people I know (yes, I have been known to geek out, off line, about television and the current state of it’s criticism among like minded friends) that runs along the lines of "hey, these are just his opinions, man“. To my mind there are two things wrong with that -
    1) I don’t hold with the “Hey, it’s all good” notion of acceptance when it comes to criticism. That is a social media driven construct. Just because there are now many avenues to express your opinions and because you are free to do so does not mean they need to be accepted or that they are even any good.

    2) That would be fine if he was just some dude in a bar that I was having a beer with but he's a paid television critic.

    And lastly Andy can be very arrogant, more than a bit smug and thinks he is funnier than he is.


  • Episode 709 - "Severance"

    I love that Ken is going to be their client after they fired him in such a shitty way. >:)
    As a woman, I hated the way Joan & Peggy got treated in that meeting. It was horrible, and even more horrible that they had to sit there and take that. Ugh.
    And I was SO glad to hear Don and Megan are getting a divorce. The ads they used to promote these final episodes featured her pretty heavily, so I'm afraid that we haven't seen the last of her, but hopefully it won't be too much.
    And ... I'm a bit confused about the waitress at the diner - is she a prostitute? Or was the $100 she was talking about the tip Roger left the last time they were there?
    I'm a bit confused about the waitress at the diner - is she a prostitute? Or was the $100 she was talking about the tip Roger left the last time they were there?

    I think she was absolutely referring to the hundred dollars that Roger left from the previous visit. However, I Think she is very familiar with this scenario and how it played out- man leaves outrageously large tip, man returns expecting something for it other than wait service.