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  • Would you Rather?

    Michelle said:
    Would you rather live in a nice apartment in a big city, or a cabin in the forest?  Given this group I *think* I know the answer but let me also add, you can get internet/cell signal & data at the cabin (don't ask me how, it's magic or something, just go with it :wink: ) .
    Cabin for sure!
  • Would you Rather?

    Chinaski said:
    would you rather.. go to dinner with..

    edit: and why?
    Whoever is willing to show up in assless chaps! 
  • Petty grievances

    I get where @JaimieT is coming from. My husband’s company is probably close to 50% Indian people, and he’s been with the company for more than 20 years. He is *very* knowledgeable when it comes to their culture: he has a few close (outside of work) friends who are Indian, in his division he is one of only THREE non Indians, and we have hosted employees visiting from India office in our house a few times. 

    Hygiene habits vary greatly from country to country, culture to culture. IMO there is a fine line between stereotyping a race/culture to the point of profiling or being racist and stating facts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Jaimie said. almost all of my husbands friends have been here long enough that they have adapted their hygiene to “fit in” more, and there are some who haven’t. Most of them are aware that they have an odor, in most cases it is due to the spices in their foods - it is a very specific smell unique to them. And, unlike here in the US, deodorant isn’t as widely used there so that adds another layer of problem, if you will.

    Saying Asian people cannot drive, black people enjoy fried chicken or British people have bad teeth is racist and encourages divide and hatred. Staring certain coworkers smell and indicating their race in this case is pertinent facts, as their smell is a direct correlation of their food they ate for lunch and the fact that their culture doesn’t use deodorant (in general)... the HR department actually has sensitivity training documents to help employees deal with coworkers who smell (of any race), because some do smell bad enough that it can be difficult to work with that. And they are trained in how to delicately talk with any employee whose BO a(of any nature) is distracting.
  • Petty grievances

    @Michelle the problem was three-fold... 1) the smell of popcorn would waft into the executive conference room which was on the other side of the wall and apparently it’s unprofessional;  2) some of the people in the cubes and offices around the kitchen complained strongly enough that thy can’t stand the smell; and 3) for a long while we had a dud microwave and when you pressed the auto-cook popcorn button it burnt the popcorn to the point of charring the bag. THAT really stank up the office! 
  • Petty grievances

    @JaimieT while I disagree with just about everything mlms Stand for, and absolutely despise YL and their murderous founder, I absolutely love the smell of their thieves blend. 

    As for medecinal uses, I don’t buy any of their claims. I *do* use lavender and tea tree oil on fresh body/ear piercings as they help keep them clear and help
    heal. But I equate that with the aloe plant that helps soothe cuts/burns etc — they’re natural and plant based and been around forever. You can buy them in most narural healths stores or off amazon... I don’t buy young lovings assertions that “ours are the best and purest plants only buy from us” bullshit.