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  • When parents regret having their kids

    Frakkin T said:
    Perfect timing you guys--the wife and I are starting to have our first serious talk about babies. I'll just tell her the Bald Move fam says it's a bad idea  B)
    Auntie says it’s a great idea :smiley: <3
    DeecdriveFrakkin TMichelle
  • Sexiest say what?

    I think the major reason people are upset about this choice is because he’s a raging racist. Check out his twitter. Doesn’t even try to be slick about it.
  • The spoiling dead army just posted...

    Oh I didn’t realize they don’t like those kinds of spoilers!! I love spoilers, they don’t ruin stuff too much for me. Ok, now I feel bad spamming them 3 aseksnin a row with it (my email is finicky for some reason and I legit just thought the email didn’t make it to them hahahaha!!) 

    my bad. And @Murderbear i’ll check that thanks!

    i really really hope this turns out to be 100% wrong!!
  • Uncle George Takei - say it ain’t so!!

    I just read his response and now I am thoroughly confused and don’t know what to think. He wrote exactly what I thought when I read the accusations last night... I always believe accusers when it comes to rape/sexual abuse allegations but this one was hard to swallow... I simply don’t know what to think! It just seems SO non-george takei. 

    Disappointed and sad...
  • Goddammit, Louis.

    Never told anyone this story before... I feel ok telling it in here because I don’t know anyone IRL (except my brother, but I’m ok with him knowing) and I feel weird about it even though I know I didn’t do anything wrong.

    I had a similar incident happen to me like what Louis did to these women. I walked into my boss’ office once and he was jerking off at his desk. His lights were off - but he was prone to migraines and would take a pill, shut the lights off and put his head down for a bit if he wasn’t able to go home - I went in to put some stuff on his desk he needed for a meeting later on. I didn’t knock - I’d been his assiant for six years, we had an open door/walk in anytime policy. He was facing the door and had his pants around his ankles. He was totally cool, acting as though I walked in on him reading a book or something. He said “hey there, sorry you walked in on this”... I was like dumbstruck and averted my eyes and was just genuinely confused and felt bad I walked in on it. I stammered “I’m sorry, i thought you were resting, no worries, I’m leaving this for your 5:00, see you tomorrow.” He said “you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to” and I said “I’ve gotta get going I can’t be late to daycare. See you tomorrow” and left. 

    The next day there was a plant on my desk with a little card that said “I am sorry for last night. You do what you feel you need to do to feel ok about it, and let me know what I need to do to help you.” I went in to talk with him... I shut the door and asked him what the hell was going on when I walked in, why then, does he do that a lot, has he ever approached any other assistants or women in the company etc... he said no, he was just feeling randy and thought I’d left and he wanted to rub one out before he left for his meeting. He didn’t know what to say to me when I walked in and so he said I didn’t have to leave... I told him I’m going to try and pretend that it didn’t happen.  But if I ever see it again or if I ever catch wind of him talking to/looking at/coming on to ANYONE in the company I will bury him.  I never reported him, I didn’t quit the job, and things were barely weird the next day and fine after a week or so. I never told a soul except my best friend. Legitimately it didn’t bother me; still doesn’t - just feels weird to talk about it.  Looking back, I don’t feel like he was attracted to me in any way shape or form, I believe he was just doing it thinking I was gone. He never made any kind of pass or innuendos or anything before or after that. I don’t feel he is/was a threat. If I hadn’t walked in, I wouldn’t have known what was going on... 

    I don’t consider myself a victim. BUT these women consider themselves victims and because of that they are victims. They deserve to be heard, believed and sympathized with. They deserve Louis to be punished for what he did (though I think it’s too late) same thing with the GeorGE Bush victims — if an old dude grabs my ass it’s not gonna bother me very much. I’d slap his hand away and move on with my day. But that’s just ME.

    This incident is just as bad as a pedophile or rapist - remember sexual assault is about the victim not what the perpetrators did.