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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story reactions from premiere seem... really good

    Remember all the rave reviews for The Last Jedi? 

    I remember.
    Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  • 808 - How It’s Gotta Be (Midseason Finale)

    Spoiler was right... details were off a bit but still. Im
  • Uncle George Takei - say it ain’t so!!

  • 803 - Monsters

    There was faint gunfire in the background of the Aaron/Eric scene... I specifically rewound and cranked my volume to listen.

    I wish Maggie had stabbed Gregory in the face.

    stupid idea to keep those negans around. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    i feel bad for Morgan. He finally came around to killing again, feeling the way the majority of everyone feels and then he gets screwed over by Jesus and storms off.

    The Jesusizing has got to stop. (Can we rename it every season to coincide with whatever character is behaving so stupidly?)

    episode wasnt awful... got me in the feels when Eric was wandering away and random alexandrian was comforting Aaron and also when rick brought Gracie out to join the family.

    brjnging morales back was pretty fucking dumb... I feel bad for the actor. Being asked to come back and then killed off immediately <span>:neutral:</span>
  • The spoiling dead army just posted...

    We received various pieces of information from separate sources beginning way back in early September telling us they believe Carl will die in the mid-season finale.  We know the MSF will involve a huge battle at Alexandria with multiple fires, explosions and gunfire. There is plenty of photo evidence and eyewitness accounts of this. Separate sources also tell us that they believe Carl’s death was shot at the studio with corresponding scenes being shot at Alexandria near the gates. It is believed that he dies in the MSF with possibly his body being discovered and/or the aftermath of his death occurring in episode 9. So far there has been no corroboration in exactly how he dies; however, more than once we were told that he struggles with someone and is possibly stabbed. So what do we do with this?  We go back and check the filming information and match it against what we’re being told. Here is what we know: