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  • 210 - "Klick"

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    Gus absolutely wrote that note. He gives orders, and people follow them.

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  • Anyone else feel they made Negan kind of cheesy?

    Never read the comics, and my only experience of JDM is from the watchmen (which I didn't even like that movie so I basically had no preconceived notions of what kind of guy JDM is)... I was absolutely riveted by his performance. Everything about him, really. He was so charismatic and genuine. I didn't really pay much attention to his clothes because, lie I said, I don't read the comics so I had no idea of what he "should" look like. They looked scary enough to me though.

    The character I had an issue with in this episode was the leader who was at all the meetings... The school custodian turned Negan henchman. He was so wiry looking. Not at all scary or imposing. Kinda pedophilish, actually

    But yeah, no. I didn't think Negan looked cheesy. In fact, he's officially one of my favorite characters now :) commanding screen presence (not just because I knew what was coming), personality and charisma and he's not hard on the eyes either ;)
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  • Just read a HUGE depressing spoiler for tonite from TSDF (they have never been wrong)

    @WonderedObject I was gonna tag you in the opening sentence and tell you not to read but figured the temptation would be too great LOL!!

    TSDF stands for The Spoiling Dead Fans -- they have a website/forum (not sure of the url but you can google it comes right up) and I follow them on Facebook. I'm telling you if you enjoy spoilers and speculations they are the ones to follow. Not sure where they get their Intel but they are always right. They even had screen grabs of Zombie Merle two or three weeks before that episode! They also called Hershel losing his head :(
  • The Random Interesting Stuff Thread

    The taxi driver in the opening scene of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was played by Qunicy Jones.
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  • 102 - "So Close, Yet So Far"

    Nah, you have a penis... Penises usually trump common sense ;)