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  • What is your favorite store ever!?

    I grew up in Atlanta and I used to love going to Publix. They have the best grocery store deli IMO. 

    Also shout out to Powell's Books in Portland has to be my favorite bookstore. 
  • Who's done?

    Bron is gonna kill Tyrion before Dany does.

    Either that or he's gonna assassinate Dany and Drogon.

    "What's double highgarden!?"
    "The Iron Throne"
    I like Bron, but let's not lol
    ken hale
  • Varys' Dead Hand

    I liked the episode 805. On second watch I liked it less lol. One thing that took it down for me was the uncharacteristic recklessness of Varys. Perhaps Varys thought he was running out of time to save the city. In retrospect his sense of urgency was justified. On the other hand a dead Varys can't do anything to help anyone. Or can he? Why did Varys burn the second letter? He simply hid the first one when the little came to report to him. Why burn the note when he already knows why they're coming for him. And then he conspicuously took off his ring. Was he just leaving something behind to prove that he was there, that he tried? Or what if he left a message for his spies. Back in the Cold War the Dead Hand was a system designed to automatically launch our nuclear arsenal in the event of a Soviet assault. It guaranteed that a nuclear war would be the end of both powers. Not confident this is the case, but I would be really cool if we saw that Varys' contingency plan play out in the next episode. There's probably not enough time left to develop anymore plot. 
  • 805 - The Bells

    ken hale said:
    Tyrion had asked Davos if he could smuggle something.  Was that meant to be Jamie or did I miss the follow-up to that line of dialog?  If the former, anyone want to take bets on whether Davos dies by fire or getting his head bit off? 
    Thie order of events was confusing. I think Davos smuggled the boat for Jaime past the Iron Fleet. Cause he's a boat guy lol. 
    CapeGabeken hale
  • 805 - The Bells

    I have literally seen this coming from season 2. Way before I read any of the books. They have been foreshadowing this and building an arc. It's just so funny to see the negativity because I thoroughly enjoyed this. Apparently Jim is having a tantrum on instant take. I don't get this fandom lol.