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  • Westworld -301- Parce Domine (Spoilers)

    I think Delores accidentally framed the wife who was getting beat for murder lol. What is she gonna tell the police?

    Also years of Christian private school education have finally paid off lol. So Rehoboam was the son of Solomon. Solomon (Insight founder?) was very wise and wealthy and built the temple to house the ark of the covenant and the literal presence of God. Rehoboam was a bad King so the people rebelled and split the kingdom in two. Ten tribes followed Jeroboam and went to the northern kingdom. 

    Not sure if any of that is going to be relevant. I do like the idea of Delores bringing some humans over to her side like the ten tribes. If I'm not mistaken the two kingdoms don't go to war. So maybe there's an anticlimactic ending. It might be worth to read II Kings, but I'm not gonna do it lol. 
  • Varys' Dead Hand

    I liked the episode 805. On second watch I liked it less lol. One thing that took it down for me was the uncharacteristic recklessness of Varys. Perhaps Varys thought he was running out of time to save the city. In retrospect his sense of urgency was justified. On the other hand a dead Varys can't do anything to help anyone. Or can he? Why did Varys burn the second letter? He simply hid the first one when the little came to report to him. Why burn the note when he already knows why they're coming for him. And then he conspicuously took off his ring. Was he just leaving something behind to prove that he was there, that he tried? Or what if he left a message for his spies. Back in the Cold War the Dead Hand was a system designed to automatically launch our nuclear arsenal in the event of a Soviet assault. It guaranteed that a nuclear war would be the end of both powers. Not confident this is the case, but I would be really cool if we saw that Varys' contingency plan play out in the next episode. There's probably not enough time left to develop anymore plot. 
  • Theory: Is Varys Testing Tyrion's loyalty?

    ken hale said:
    True, but I kind of feel like even if he did send the ravens, the events this week kind of nullify that.  Unless he kills her in the immediate aftermath, like in the smoking ruins, Jon is going to be guilty by association.  Who cares if he's got Targaryean blood, that's a knock against him now.  There's no way this ends peacefully with anybody in Westeros supporting Jon the Targaryean King who burned King's Landing and murdered his incest bride.
    Good point. If a bunch Dornish men roll up to fight Danny next week there's no way they'd turn around and support Jon, one of her top generals. 
    ken hale
  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    Not sure if I totally agree with this myself, but is it possible that the Night King was actually kinda lame and better relegated to being a glorified MacGuffin?

    I really dug this episode.
    Pretty much. I think one of the saddest things that the final season has revealed is that there's not much depth to GOT. All my favorite shows (The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men) have something interesting to say about the human condition. The books have a lot to say about it. Other than an a pretty obvious metaphor about climate change what significance does the show have. It just seems superficial when compared to the best of the Golden Age of TV. I guess it really is just tits and dragons. 
  • So how is GOT gonna end?

    @Murderbear I think there's a ton of stuff with Bran, the Children, and the Three Eyed Raven that will happen in the books that we're not gonna see in the show. I had a theory that might only be 1/2 right. It's that the Children have a really long con master plan to get humans out of Westeros. And basically everything that happens with dreams, visions, and warging is the Children trying to influence humanity.