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  • Getting off Cable - Looking for suggestions

    KingKobra said:
    I recently got in on the free ATV4K DirectTV Now promotion. I have to say I’m fairly impressed and haven’t turned on my cable box (with DVR) but for a few times. DirectTV Now is missing the DVR (it’s in beta testing now), but right now I haven’t found a need for it. I get HBO for free with my ATT unlimited plan so thats one less addition. I’m seriously thinking of cutting the cord and just paying extra for unlimited bandwidth. 
    What I like is that I also get access to many of the channels apps as well. 

    What you’ll need to do is make priorities as far as viewing. Most of the streaming TV services offer locals, but that is largely dependent on where you live (they all have tools to let you see what locals are available). You also have the option of using an antenna for locals (there are quite a few hardware and software solutions for DVRing those OTA channels) Sports will be tougher, but it’s still possible. What’s available is largely dependent on who owns the rights to what’s being aired. 

    Its going to take some leg work to get everything set up and for you to get used to it. Once you do however you’ll be able to get a fairly close representation of cable via streaming. 
    I cut the cord with cable back in October (just getting internet from them now) and tried out HuluTV for a month (didn't like it, interface was too confusing and had major buffering issues during live NFL games that drove me nuts) before moving to DirectTV Now after that.  If you are an existing AT&T customer you can get some pretty good deals with DirectTV Now, but I don't.  But even so, their lowest channel package contained all the cable networks that I usually watch and they do have my local broadcast networks in my area.  The big seller for me was that you can add HBO for only $5 a month more, which was a must for me.  I've been using it since November and it's worked pretty well for me.  I usually only watch sports live, and the rest of the shows I either stream on demand from the DirectTV Now app or the specific cable network app signing in with my DirectTV Now credentials.  Like KingKobra said, there is a DVR feature that is in beta now, but I've found that I haven't really missed my DVR that I used to have when I was on cable.  I'm saving just about $100/month now from what I used to pay for cable with all the bells and whistles.
  • Stranger Things 2 WRAP UP! *SPOILERS*

    I loved season 1 and loved this season as well . . . I was super excited for this season ever since they started playing the teaser trailers this summer.  And, thankfully, the episodes lived up to the hype.  I was NOT disapointed!
    My thoughts:

    - The soundtrack was awesome, but then again I was a child of the 80's and basically love all the music from that decade.  Even though Billy was a douche, his taste in music was EXCELLENT!!

    - Bob is this season's Barb . . . #JusticeForBob (*sniff*)

    Also watched the Beyond Stranger Things after show, which I thought was pretty good.  I liked the insights with the Duffer Brothers and Sean Leavy as to what their thinking was on character arcs and story ideas they worked through for season 2.  I thought it was weird that they pretty much had all the major actors involved with this aftershow, whether in studio or on video, except for Wynona Ryder.  It looks like they did all the episodes in one day so maybe she wasn't available, but I still found it weird and they didn't give it any mention either . . . or none that I heard anyway.
  • Stranger Things

    I think in the recent GOT recap podcast it was mentioned that they will be released on Monday, October 16th.

    Am I the only one who wanted Paul to win?  
    No, I was actually rooting for Paul for quite a while since no one else seemed to want to play their own game this season.  But when he started play acting when Jason got evicted like he would have been backdoored, it left a sour taste in my mouth and I was hoping someone would have taken him out before the final 2.  He was horrible at managing the people heading to jury on the way out the door, getting others to evict people and avoid getting blood on his hands.  I have a feeling that if he had been straight with people in their goodbye messages then he might have at least gotten the one more vote he needed.  The social game of Big Brother is more than just getting people to like you and developing "friendship".

    FWIW I think Josh made the vote closer by bringing Paul with him to the final 2.  I think he would have had a much easier time against Christmas.  She couldn't compete in a ton of competitions, and the ones she did win were pretty much thrown to her.  (I mean how can a lady with a broken foot win a that running race for Veto??? COME ON!!)  I know he rubbed a lot of people in the Jury the wrong way, but I think he could have made a better argument that he did more in the game than she did to get to the final 2.
  • TV Shows that surprised you in 2016

    High Maintenance on HBO. Simple premise of a guy who delivers marijuana on his bicycle in NYC and his interactions with his clients and what's going on in their lives. Watched the first episode and thought it was pretty good. Found out it was based on a web series and that HBO had all of those episodes availabe on HBOGO. I ended up tearing through them pretty quick and it set up a lot of back story that the new series continued throughout the season. I had never heard of this show or it's main actor before, but I found myself looking forward to this show every week.