Gotham - This show got unexpectedly good

It was a hot mess most of last year.

But this season they got rid of Fish and focused a bit more on the kid and a consistent narrative.

Based on last year, I would have said any second spent on the kid was a mistake but he's been knocking it out of the park this season. I can actually see that kid growing up to be Batman.

I'd say it was a solid B+ half-season.

No need to see Season 1. You could jump in now at the beginning of S2 if you so choose.


  • TravisTravis CA
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    I'm 3 episodes behind at the moment, but I've been really enjoying this season too. I think a B+ would be a fair and accurate grade if you factor in that the show's base identity creates a particular scale (basically, this show isn't meant to be Mad Men or Fargo and should be graded at its ability to do what it sets out to do). I think it's been a ton of fun. I like that they have committed to an identity which was really my biggest problem with season 1. It was basically trying to be 3 or 4 shows all at once and it was often a complete mess, and I think they chose the correct identity to commit to. I like it when you can have the feeling that they reviewed the previous season and really decided where their strengths are and ran with them (and thus away from their failures). They have really picked a lane and they are succeeding. I like it.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
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    I am a casual Batman fan, started watching it because a friend who is mega Batman fan loved it. Thinking it would only have Batman nostalgia and fan-boying to run it's engine i wasn't expecting too much, then it suddenly turned into one of my favorite shows.

    My favorite thing about this show - IT GETS THE FUCKING LOOK RIGHT. Gotham looks fantastic and dirty and smokey and it's always raining (seriously, look at the streets, always wet.) The lighting is dramatic and dark and sets the cold gothic mood of the show. If shows like Doctor Who could be dressed and lit like this one, I would enjoy them a hell of a lot more.

    I always got a sense that show show had an extra ounce of class, but I could never figure out why, then I noticed Bruno Heller was the executive producer and does a lot of the writing for the show as well - Heller was the show runner of HBO's "Rome" of my top 10 favorite shows easily.  

    This season is defiantly the strongest now that the things that were dragging it down like Jada Pinkett are gone. The slow maturation of Bruce has been expertly done. The small hints of the Batman he will grow into one day are done just often and subtly enough to make it not feel overwrought. 

    And the Joker, I want to shake the shows hand and slap it right in face for the Joker. What an amazing build up through the three seasons, hinting at many possible would-be Jokers. Technically I guess you could argue this wasn't the actual Joker (but yeah, it was the Joker). And just when I was at the height of my enjoyment of him, then took him away. I think it was an incredibly smart move on the show's part. Felt like that was their way of saying, this is not the Joker show, we will give him to you, but were not going to become a slave to the fanboys...sorry. Good move, even though, yeah, I could have a 100 more episodes of him.
  • Well that's great for all of you but I noped out of this show 3 episodes ago. Just got too ridiculous and I feel the acting is just so over the top that I could't take it any more. Too much better television on right now. Glad all of you like it though. Cheers :D
  • ZinzanZinzan ATL
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    I still don't think it's a very good show. I've watched every episode, but very reluctantly since the middle of this half-season. I think the Barbara stuff has been pretty stupid, and I think there is an unappealing level of violence and evil on this show. Bruce Wayne drives me nuts at how desperate and gullible he comes off.

    The only thing that kept me watching was to get closure (likely temporary) on the Galavan story line. I will probably not continue watching this show.

    I do agree that the show got a little better over the past few episodes, but I don't think it's enough.
  • Zinzan said:

    ...and I think there is an unappealing level of violence and evil on this show. Bruce Wayne drives me nuts at how desperate and gullible he comes off.

    Yeah this too, for sure.
  • By no means is this show great.  There are a lot of things wrong with it but I thought the kid playing Bruce Wayne has really pulled it together.  Particularly in the last 2-3 episodes.

    But some of the good stuff - Penguin, Nygma, Bullock is pretty good, Alfred is great, I'd enjoy watching Morena Baccarin read the phone book, and I generally like the guy playing Gordon.  

    Gordon could probably stand to take it down 20 to 30 notches on the intensity-meter but, I suppose, that's how you'd have to be so I'm chalking that up to the character and not necessarily the actor.

    I definitely see why people think it sucks.  I'm not even sure why I kept watching it because I thought it sucked too.  

    I guess I just thought it was interesting that I suddenly found it interesting.
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
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    When the guy from the Shield joined the cast I started to burn out. The violence does seem extreme for a show that airs at 8.
  • With the introduction of The Order of St. Dumas I am pretty sure we will eventually be introduced to Azrael. I can't wait!
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    Yes there are those that still watch ;) while the start to the new season was good, I wouldn't call it great. Riddler and Penguin are highlights for me, especially when on screen together.
  • David Mazouz won a lot of points from me with his AMA response about what he thought of Batfleck--"He sure cared a lot about his mother."
  • I like it. One of the few networks shows I watch. I just rewatched last season's finale in preparation for the premiere.

    It has problems, but for a network show I think it's pretty good. Also, I am not a big comics purist so I don't care about the canon. I did hear, however, that Gotham doesn't have the rights to use/say/portray Batman? Is that true?

    I guess they want to keep that "property" for major films. Too bad. I'd love to see what the young guy who plays Bruce would do with it. I think he's quite a fine actor. I also like Alfred.

  • I havent watched the premiere but S2 was a big improvement. Might have to do with Chikilis and James Frain(who I both love) coming aboard. Batman Villians are my favorite of all the comic book stuff so I love seeing origins of Villians, some better than others.

    Forgot about Donal Logue. Love his acting
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    Season 2 was such an improvement over season 1, I hope we can continue the fun in season 3. This kid that plays Bruce is great, I honestly think he's one of the best Bruce Wayne's on film. The first episode was alright but I still can't shake how this show will eventually fit into regular Batman canon. I mean Batman babies is cool but why would Gordon ever get back together with Barbara and start that family?

    I give Gordon 3 episodes before he's back at GCPD.
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  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    Haven't read anything in here past the first couple because I don't want to be spoiled too much ...

    My husband and I are a little ways into season 2 and it's pretty good. I had told him
    I was going to watch through season 1 with him and then I was done. Then they found the remote that opened the fucking fireplace and we started season two immediately LOL. NOT a fan of fish moody anymore - I enjoyed her in the beginning - I'm glad her days are numbered. The kid is awesome; as is Alfred! Jim Gordon is good but I really love Harvey. He's great!!
  • Tyler_DurdenTyler_Durden London
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    Season 2 was decent and it survived my "marvel/dc type cull of shows" which included Agent Carter and Agents of Shield. The casting has been strong right down to the children and I'm enjoying it even more after realising quite quickly to not watch this as though it's faithful to the canon of Batman, just watch and enjoy it for the TV show it is

    And @akritenbrink given her temperament, Fish Moody could have been an even better name for Jada
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    For a campy show the scene between Penguin and Fish in the woods in this recent episode was really really good.
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  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    I love Gotham. It's batshit crazy, and that's fine with me. I couldn't care less if the plots make no sense.
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