Episode 403 - Chapter 42

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  • If I were naming these episodes, I'd call this one, "Claire jumps a shark".
  • TheEconomistTheEconomist Chattanooga, TN
    Current gas prices have really taken the bite out of that thread this season.
  • indeed.
  • TheEconomistTheEconomist Chattanooga, TN
    Russian President Petrov must've really done a number on the economy bc if oil where $150/barrel then he should be making a windfall and pushing his weight around not begging for bailouts. With oil at $30/barrel Putin is still flexing his muscles even with sanctions and his political oppression. Makes this plot just really ring false which is a shame bc their wrangling is actually quite interesting.
  • It wasn't that subtle, but the part where Claire drinks some water after implying that Frank was "thirsty for blood", I thought was pretty cool. Also, poor Lucas. When your life involves you sucking dick for.....,  you know things haven't turned out well for you. 
  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
    I am so in for the complete chaos and destruction that Frank and Claire could wreak on each other if they really get down to it.

    Also, an interesting parallel between the season's first scenes with Lucas in jail to the scenes of him seemingly 'free'. It looks like he actually managed to escape sexual abuse in prison because of his skill with words, but now he is forced in to giving sexual favours in order to be able get his words to the people that might be able to help him.
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