Episode 405 - Chapter 44

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  • TheEconomistTheEconomist Chattanooga, TN
    So what if the secret service shot first? If they see a gunman in the crowd are their rules of engagement to only fire if fired upon?! Hell no, you would hope they take proactive measures to protect the president including neutralizing a visible threat by lethal force if necessary. Not like they're going "oh well he has a gun better wait to see what he does" nope you shoot first.

    What moronic point is the student witness even trying to make? That Lucas was shot at first and he was returning fire in self defense? Even if that were so, Lucas was breaking so many laws such as carrying a concealed weapon illegally, carrying it in a likely gun free zone on a college, especially if the president is there, also being a felon posseing a firearm period, that he cannot claim that right.

    I dismiss any conspiracy talk of Frank orchestrating this but it would be hilariously entertaining if there was someway he had WitSec make it so all these events would cascade where Lucas gets super depressed by a purposefully shitty post prison set up, a guy who plants the Dunbar visiting newspaper and with the car getting off is an agent of Frank, knowing Lucas would seek Dunbar placing her in a damaging position, knowing Dunbar would spurn Lucas away making him more murder suicidal, having an agent procure a gun for Lucas and tracking him to show up at a public event getting a heads up to confront a crowd he's at and hoping Meachum's undying until he dies loyalty and Lucas' firearms incompetence will save him.
  • TheEconomistTheEconomist Chattanooga, TN
    Speaking to the Claire/Petrov dynamic spoken about in the podcast, itwouldn't surprise me if Petrov is the type of tyrannical man that blows off steam with a dominatrix and there's some psycho sexual stuff with Claire being is the superior negotiating position.

    Regarding Claire at this point I couldn't tell if she were purposefully setting up and sabotaging Blythe and possibly Cathy Durant with her unconventional plan or maybe angling for Blythe to make her VP if Frank didn't pull through which she could make certain if she thought Blythe would accommodate her. That way Blythe certainly won't run LBJ style and she could make a go at president with Frank dead.
  • meatballmeatball Sweden, Europe

    What moronic point is the student witness even trying to make? 

    There are at least two ways to look at the show. You could have the view that every single detail must drive the plot forward. Relevant in a compact tv series format. Or you could let some details reflect reality without necessarily driving the plot forward, There will always be drama queens (or kings) wanting their 15 seconds of fame.
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