Episode 406 - Chapter 45

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  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    So I just finished this episode last night, and I gotta say, House of Cards is back.  It might never be as great as it was in season one, but the bombshell of episode 4 and the fallout and all of the political maneuverings is really intense. 

    I wish I could find out what the hell Claire was planning before Frank got shot, because that still kind of bugs me, but flipping over the table was so far a brilliant move. Not sure if the rest of the season will hold up, but I'm loving it at the halfway point.
  • It's a game changer for sure, I guess they neede Lucas to fill a major plot point and this was all they could think of, because, I'm not sure how much further you are, this completely changes the trajectory I thought the show was going
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    @A_Ron_Hubbard In the new cast you said the Russian dude was being shipped off to "France, Italy or Yugoslavia". I don't know how to say this respectfully, but are you aware there's been no Yugoslavia for nearly 25 years? I have some Serbian friends and I know they get pretty sensitive about this stuff.
  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
    Love where the narrative is going but gotta say I wasn't too hot on the visions that Frank was having when he was in critical condition, they seemed a bit too nail on the head purgatory-esque compared to the more intricate machinations of what Claire was doing with Petrov.

    Obviously I haven't gone any further than this yet, but I really hope that Frank's visions don't give him some sort of guilty conscience that turns him to the light side, this show works best when he is at his most despicable and I don't want him to have a change of heart at this point!
  • This episode was really tough for me. Actually 4-6 were tough, but this one especially. My dad had a liver transplant in 2007 so a lot of what happened brought back some very terrible memories for me. With a few "oh yeah right" exceptions, it was quite accurate. Very disturbing. 
  • TheEconomistTheEconomist Chattanooga, TN
    Claire's naked ambition has been absolutely perplexing from the start, seeking offices she realistically and politically has no right to be in, that UN ambassador job being the main case. Just pull a Hillary and wait and you could absolutely become governor of senator of Texas or whatever. I guess she is so insecure about needing an independent source of power from Frank and wants it NOW which ironically makes her need Frank's power and abuse of it even more to achieve her goals immediately especially after her failed bid to make it on her own. It's just such a bizarre character trait on a show that has some decently sophisticated storytelling.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    Just got done with 403-406 have to say this season is rocking so far. I'm more in support of Claire as VP after seeing how well her plan went, glad to see her get a win. We already knew she could be as ruthless as Frank but it was good to see her back Jackie out.

    Good seeing Zoe and Russo back, Frank's whole hallucination arc was cool. I could actually see this show without Frank if they shifted main focus to Claire. Also RIP Meechum i was quite sad to see him go, and although I get the President was shot and he's the priority but it was sad to see everyone rush off with Frank while Meechum kind of just payed there.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    Whoops meant to put this in 405
  • alina_macalina_mac Akron, Ohio

    -Claire's only plan (after Frank sabotaged Doris Jones' seat in congress) was to become VP. Her ploy was "make me VP or I'll divorce you and blow up your campaign."

    -FISHNADO- Frank had a plan to force Claire to stay with him by staging an attempt on his life. 1) When Neve Campbell leaves after the divorce proclamation, Frank asks for Meechum. 2) During the Frank's college hall speech, the camera makes a point to show that Meechum is nervous. 3) The rumor that Secret Service shot first is proof. That's where the plan was supposed to end, but Lucas just happened to be there.

    -When Frank says, "No, not that," he means Claire can't be First Lady again. After seeing how she handled Petrov in his absence, he's convinced she should be VP.
  • @alina_mac So according to this theory (which I find ridiculous), what was the original plan? That Meechum shoots Frank? Or he just shoots in the crowd? I don't buy it, not only is it a very stupid plan, but the bullet could easily be traced back to Meechum's gun. And that Lucas just so happened to be there, well that would be a coincidence that's borderline magical, and that wouldn't fly on this show.
    You also say "The rumor that Secret Service shot first is proof". Sorry, but how can a rumor be proof? There is no logic in this statement.
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