Episode 407 - Chapter 46

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  • Conway 2016!!!
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    Joel Kinnaman!
    Frank & Claire bonding back together!
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    I'm intrigued by the mirror Underwoods, the Conways, and I like the lighter tone -- it feels like a new show.  But mostly I'm watching to see how the show gets Clair on the ticket.  I hope S5 ends with Frank dead and Claire as President.
  • At this point I feel like the show is going a 1000 directions, while the show is entertaining, Im put off by tonal shifts, not the least of which being the sudden rehabilitation of Claire and Frank. Maybe I was just hoping for a Claire/Frank fight to the death. They wrote themselves into a corner with the Claire/Frank animosity and should have gone all in that direction. Jim, A Ron, you guys may be in for some ironic hate watching.
  • Have we seen the last of Claire's mom? Was anyone else enjoying Ellen Burstyn's part? I thought she held her own and could go toe to toe with either Frank or Claire.
  • I'm with @adobo1148, the sudden rehab of the Underwoods doesn't feel believable at all. I kinda with the whole damn season had been Frank vs. Claire, ending with the ultimately cage match of death, with Claire victorious. Oh well, guess I'll have to hold on to that hallucination/daydream in the bedroom where she gashes him with a piece of mirror. On the whole, I'm enjoying this season far more than S3. 
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
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    I think they wrote themselves into a corner with Claire demanding to be put on the ticket a few episodes ago.  I didn't take that seriously at first, but then I realized that it was Chekhov's plotline, and they have to follow through on that.  Of course, the confluence of events that allowed them to do that is ridiculous.  What if Lucas did not get released and subsequently attempt to assassinate Frank?  Would Claire continue to sabotage Frank's campaign until he came under heel?  That would wear thin quickly.  This show is so ridiculous that for the briefest of moments I thought Frank arranged for someone to shoot at him until I saw it was Lucas.  (Because the show was telegraphing an attempt while Frank was on stage with all the closeups on Meechum scanning the crowd.)  Claire can destroy Frank only so much before the blowback takes her down also, and their marriage has always been based on a power / respect partnership and Us vs. Them than something so starry eyed and nebulous as "love."  So although the turnaround is abrupt, and I'm still unclear on what Claire's plan was if Lucas had not come along, then I'll accept this because it injects new life into the show and gives Frank an opponent who might actually be worthy.

    Knowing that there is a S5 means that the Underwood downfall is shelved until then.  I suppose the question is will they be elected and then both lose the White House, or will it just be Frank who gets booted?  
  • Ugh. The Conways are so annoying and sickly sweet. Can't stand them. Also the guy is just so flat and boring I almost fall asleep when he's on screen. 
  • Who died and let Rob Gronkowski become the Republican nominee?

    Anyway, they need to fact check their historical references. Thomas Jefferson did not found the Republican Party. The Republican Party was founded in 1854 decades after Jefferson died. Jefferson was a founder of the Democratic-Republican Party, which eventually became what we know now as the Democratic Party under Andrew Jackson in the 1830s. Big difference.

    The writer could have easily had Conway refer to the GOP as "the party of Lincoln" in his campaign speech and that would have been perfectly fine. Unless another character on the show calls Conway out on that (I don't see that happening), then fine. Otherwise, bad job.
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