Episode 410 - Chapter 49

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  • All House of Cards and no play make DancesWithWookies a dull boy -.-
    Frakkin T
  • I think Stamper could use a bourbon syringe and a hooker right now
  • Ugh. Did she have to react to her grief by sleeping with the Snowden lookalike dude? Couldn't she just say yes, please call someone for me? Ugh.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    edited March 2016
    Holy shit no way The Hammer can put this story out. People can turn it as him slandering a dead secret service agent sure but I don't see how the public will take someone claiming the Presidents shooter did what he did for reasons.

    I like it when the Inderwoods work together. We had to much of them fighting I'm glad they are working together again. Fuck, Frank is menacing as shit to Dunbar, I wonder how many real Presidents have threatened to have people killed to their face like that in the Oval.

    Wow they fucked with the body in the house.
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