Episode 6 "Blood of My Blood" Thoughts, Predictions, Ramblings?

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I'm still reeling from tonight's "The Door" episode. Friday's podcast can't come quickly enough. And of course it's propelled me to think (obsess) over what's to come in the next episode. The description for episode 6, "Blood of My Blood" begins with, "An old foe returns." So who is the old foe? Walder Frey? The Hound? The phrase, blood of my blood is Dothraki and it has a familial quality. Seems like family will be an important thread throughout the episode, with Sam's return to Horn Hill as well as Arya's "difficult choice." Perhaps she's finally making the decision to go back to Westeros to avenge or reconnect with her family? So, this may be a stretch, but I'm also feeling a return of Benjen Stark? Maybe a little more information about Jon Snow's mother?  It's a lot to hope for, but this season is moving the narrative forward so rapidly, we should expect a continual string of wow moments to come. I can't believe the 'long winter' before Season 7 will be upon us so soon! 

Also, completely off the topic here, but what are everyone's favorite major death scene? Mine is Viserys' golden crown and my husband would say Oberyn's death. 



  • First off, favorite death scene: Tywin. It holds a lot of meaning for Tyrion AND he was a literal piece of shit to so many people, so it was fitting that he died on the shitter.

    The title of the upcoming episode seems to suggest that we will learn Jon's parentage once and for all. I'm not sure how, particularly with the Three Eyed Raven being (most likely) dead in the tree after the wights came through. 

    I also think it's possible that Benjen will return. Not sure how though. If he were to come back it would most likely be as a wight if he would have been over taken by the Walkers, but not as a walker like the Night's King. In season 1, we saw a baby being taken to the White Walker's citadel and turn into a Walker by touch, imbuing some of the same magic that created them via the Children of the Forest. I'm unsure how the White Walkers are 'made' but that short scene seemed to give us definitive proof that there is a different process for the creation of the WW vs the wights. (here's the wiki article on Craster's last son aka the baby I was talking about: http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Craster's_last_son)

    Another theory about Blood of My Blood- we know now that Bran as some sort of power with being able to interact with the past (not change it, but this is all causality paradox stuff- everything happens the way it was meant to happen, kind of like Harry Potter in the 3rd book with the time turner but not really), and we also know that the last thing that the Mad King had said (which he was saying for hours) was "Burn them All". It's possible we'll see a little bit of his story since she is the blood of Dany.

    We could also learn that Meera is Jon's twin sister, meaning that after finding her in the Tower of Joy, Ned takes the two babies with his bro Howland Reed back to safety, realizing the implications of their existence and, in order to protect them, split them up Luke and Leia style. 

    Other things not related to the next episode's title, but still important points of discussion:
    - the new red priestess in Mereen is wearing the same necklace that Melissandre wears. is she glamoring people too?
    - Arya seems to be struggling to become No One. Do you think she'll leave Braavos with her new knowledge of assassinating people and get on with her list?
    - Yara took all the best ships from the Iron Islands after the King's moot. After learning about Dany, she may have left with Theon in search of the Mother of Dragons, allowing Dany to get across the Narrow Sea with her Dothraki army AND the unsullied AND the second sons AND capable pirates at her side to land on Westeros (which I doubt will happen until the end of the season or the beginning of the next season)
    - We didn't catch up with Rickon in this episode but I think we will in the next one

    Sorry for the novel, but thanks for reading!
  • I read somewhere that Blood of my Blood is a saying of the Dorthraki. Which might suggest the next episode will feature Dany. Plus HBO released scenes for the next episode which showed Sam at home with the Tarlys. In case you haven't seen episode 6 you can check it out here:

    D&D talk about scenes in "the door".

    Characters interviews about the door:



  • Only way I see Bran making it out alive is if a certain character from the books shows up. Some people think that might be Benjen Stark, which I don't believe, but I could see the show blending them together. 

    I'm also excited to see the resolution in Kings Landing, I have a feeling it will be a Lannister/Tyrell army vs the entire city populous. I'm pretty sure the High Sparrow has them playing directly into his hands. 

    These last 5 should be fun. 
  • MelonuskMelonusk Ireland
    I just realised, in the next episode's synopsis, it says "An old foe comes back into the picture."
    That can't be Benjen though, right? He's not really an enemy. Any speculation on who that could be? Walder Frey maybe?
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    If Benjen comes back as Coldhands, is A.Ron's bet still in place? Or was that season-specific? Either way, I hope to see some lipstick on the next cast.  If you thought the fan art was bizarre now, just wait until you do a live cast with "pig fucker" written on your forehead!
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    @Melonusk Yeah, Benjen isn't an enemy, don't see how that could apply to him even if he's back.  The only "old foe" I can think of offhand who has been out of focus for a while (and isn't dead) is Frey.  I guess The Hound was a foe at one point but I'm not sure he qualifies anymore.  Is there someone else I'm forgetting?
  • I will welcome Frey back. I hope someone's bakes him a nice pie. I just want to see that loose end resolved.
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  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    The Benjen thing is a leak, OP is a good example of what A.Ron was talking about last week about not trusting "predictions" that contained obvious spoilers. According to IMDB (not always a credible source) Benjen is indeed on next episode.
  • Just realized this. 

    actor who gets stabbed by the Children of the Forest to become a White Walker = same actor who plays the Night's King. 

    Lady C
  • Luke said:

    The Benjen thing is a leak, OP is a good example of what A.Ron was talking about last week about not trusting "predictions" that contained obvious spoilers. According to IMDB (not always a credible source) Benjen is indeed on next episode.

    Yeah. The plot for the entire season has already been leaked (for example, I had read it and the spoilers perfectly described the handing of Rickon, as I said in another thread). Anyone who is afraid of spoilers should avoid these prediction threads, as there are a ton of people trying to pass off the leaked spoilers as their theories.

    Spoilers for the rest of the season in white, for those who don't want to go hunting for them:

    Arya will go back to Westeros, Benjen will be back, Rickon will be killed by Ramsay in episode 9. Episode 9 will have the big battle, Jon Snow will be losing until Vale troops arrive and back them up.

    Highlight the text before this one if you want to know. If not, not only avoid it, but most "theory" threads.
  • Margery's hair is not chopped off, High Sparrow is going to let her go willingly, perhaps because she will announce her conversion to the faith? She is either trying to fool the high sparrow, the high sparrow is trying to use her, or the both of them are conspiring to take down the Lannister's. Might explain why Cersi says, "he is tearing our family apart", in preview. If your looking for a showdown with the Tyrell's and/or Lannister's against the High Sparrow this episode, good chance we will be disappointed.
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