607 - "The Broken Man" - SPOILER FRIENDLY!!



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    Thanks @Lord Ratcliff. I missed that. 
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    I bet Lady Olenna is going to get them involved.

    1) Huge Army
    2) They hate the Lannisters
    3) They are the only place not involved in some kind of conflict right now.
    4) They REALLY hate the Lannisters
  • treerocks said:

    If Margery's worth depends on her bearing an heir, then two questions follow:

    Why is Margery not sleeping with Tommen?

    I think Margery is very aware of her own self preservation. If she delivers a healthy male heir, then the High Sparrow has no more use for her. She is delaying becoming pregnant as long as possible.
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    Also, how is she going to marry King #4 if she's saddled down with a kid? Margaery ain't got no time for that nonsense. ;)
  • treerocks said:

    Margery clearly has a plan, but unfortunately, the high Sparrow must have something up his sleeve as well. What does he gain if Margery is pregnant? Do you think Tommen volunteered that information to the High Sparrow? I'm not sure if he would. More Likely he asked Tommen. Which seems like a strange thing for a religious figure to be involved with. Maybe the High Sparrow is trying to avoid a takeover, with the knowledge that Tommen and Margery consummated thier marriage she is officially bound to Tommen and the Lannister family. That way he has Tommen wrapped around his finger and Margery stuck. The very next thing he says to Margery is a veiled threat to her grandmother. Maybe he did so knowing Margery will tell her grandmother to leave and if Lady Olena leaves, she takes her army with her. No Lannister or Tyrell army in town makes not just Cersi vulnerable, but Tommen and Margery as well. I'm all in on Team Margery, but just wary the High Sparrow will go away quietly.

    Any ideas as to what the High Sparrow is up to?

    He wants to give Margaery the double D
    lippy[Deleted User]
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    Seems like someone from AV Club listens to Bald Move. Today they were comparing the characters from Monty Python's "The Holy Grail" to the Freys. 
  • Re: Where is
    Melisandre?... I'll answer that with Where's Ghost? Clearly, Melisandre
    is dog-sitting Ghost while Jon is on tour. Duh.
  • Why are Jim and ARon so fast to hop on the Arya-Wasn't-Stabbed Bandwagon?  Just last week they were shittin' all over theories saying it would be too cheap or straight "Usual Suspects" to do things offscreen that the viewer had no way of knowing to advance the plots.  

    Arya swapping her identity with some by-stander or Jaquen impersonating Arya?  That is STRAIGHT Usual Suspects, but has the hosts' blessings.  Why?

  • trippy said:

    treerocks said:

     Second question,

    has any religious figure in a royal court been appointed to solve sexual matters between a king and Queen? I thought religious figures of the court would be consulted to perform a prayer service that whatever God will send them a child, the batisim of the child and then guidance in practicing the faith.

    The High Sparrow seems to be stepping over bounds talking about sex to the king and Queen. I think his conversation with Margery was a His way of putting Margery, in her place. He has the ear of the king in everything, even on matters of sex, Her only security as Queen lies in bearing an heir, and not sleeping with the King, is neglecting her martial duties, which perhaps could be considered a sin and she could be put back on trial again.

    If we're talking earth history, the answer is 'lots'.   Whether they give good advice or not is another story.  Many of our religions have lots and lots of proscriptions for how sex between husband and wife should work. And many go to their church leadership, including the pastor/priest/main holy dude for advice.   This includes kings and queens.  Spirituality and sex can be very tightly woven.  You can get stodgy advice ("just endure it"),  or more appropriate ("sex is a mitsvah").  From a straight precedent point of view, a spiritual leader would be well within his/her purview to advise folks on sex 
    Thank you for your very thorough input. Asking why Margary is withholding sex and if any religious figure appointed to a royal court advised king or queens sexual matters, where not so much questions as ways to analyze what the possible underlying strategies might be behind the conversation between Margery and the High Sparrow.

    I know the Strategic advantages for Margery not to be pregnant. What I'm wondering is her withholding sex from Tommen a reveal of a Larger plan and what that larger plan might be, I.e. is the plan to get herself and her brother away from the High Sparrow and house Lannister, meaning, annul her marriage and any other ties, hightail it out of there to safety at House Tyrell? Or to take down the High Sparrow? Or take down both the High Sparrow or the Lannister's ?

    I figure the High Sparrow definitely has a plan and everything he does or says is strategic. Telling Margery to fulfill her marital duties and have sex with Tommen, is probably part of strategy to keep Margery and the Tyrell's in line, the plan being she does get pregnant , has a child, the possibility to threaten the child's safety and wellbeing would be very powerful tool for the High Sparrow. If that is his strategy, that seems like a reveal of what the High Sparrows larger plan might be. Maybe he doesn't want to destroy the Lannister's , just take away all of thier power, he needs them to keep up appearances of state and religion as joint rule, equal in power. Or Maybe he wants to kill all the Lannister's, Tyrells and take over.

    In short the sex conversation between the High Sparrow and Margery seems like a clue and wanted people's opinion on what it might be.

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    I'm sorry to be a broken record here but I'm listening to the spoiler cast and I just have to say this.

    First, The Wall isn't coming down this season, I will be surprised if the White Walkers even make it to The Wall in the finale. There is still too much going on to transition to the WW attack right now. Bran would still need to make it to The Wall, Danny hasn't even made it to KL yet, things like these have to happen before the WW attack because once the breach The Wall the entire realm is going to have to shift attention to the North. I will eat crow if it does happen this finale but I'm looking more at next season.

    Second, Cleganebowl isn't happening this season either. I don't know why so many people think it will, Sandor has a journey to go on before we get to that point. He doesn't even know what's going on in KL by all accounts. I know the timelines aren't 1 for 1 but he still has to face the Brotherhood, learn about his brother, make it to KL. Cleganebowl, if it happens, will probably be a mid season 7 thing.
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    Regarding Arya. The only theory that's gotten me to believe it's possible was only half touched upon by Aron and Jim. The theory that Arya put a face on someone else is pretty unsatisfactory in and of itself if it's a random person. But when you take this theory and say it was the "Sansa" actress it feels much better. The chipperness of "Arya," the right hand usage, demand for a cabin, confusion at being stabbed, and even some athletic ability to escape off the bridge. It could fit with the actress. If She has no more job, and if Arya (with the big leap being that she's able to put her face on someone else) came up to her with a deal saying she'll get a ton of gold to be able to travel to Westeros only if she stands still for a harmless ritual that wouldn't harm a fly... that actress might take it.

    If not this, definitely something that hasn't been guessed at. Jaquen posing as Arya or the waif is bizarre. The waif being fake is unsatisfactory to me especially because of what was mentioned in the podcast. For me it's either Arya made a deal with the Sansa actress or something unguessed at so far.
  • You guys mentioned the idea that Robet Strong may have no head. In addition to Bran's vision there's also the passage in A Feast for Crows chapter 16 where an enormous skull is sent to Dorne in recompense for the deaths of Elia, Aegon, and Oberyn.
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    Christ on a bike, I heard a huge, and I mean huge, spoiler yesterday from a guy whose was an extra this season (a lot of location work as well as all the studio stuff it is filmed locally, very locally for the wintry forest scenes  and the old Crasters Keep scenes). 
    I wont post it openly , because he might well have been winding me up as the fella knows what a fan of the show I am and also because , well its just not the done thing, is it. But, by God, its a fucken doozie! Almost Red Wedding sized shocker.
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    Ok so if we want to be spoiled - how do we out?
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    Isnt there a pm facility on here? If anyone wants to know it I could pm them. Like I said I could be wrong but I reckon its a 60/40 that what Ive been told is correct.
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    Pm me
  • Anyone get a PM from Ballberg?
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    trippy said:

    trippy said:

    I think it should be a jailable offense to say on a forum "Ooooooooooo I've got this huge spoiler,  but I won't post it here".   I dub thee Sir LAme of Lamingshire

    Ive just PMed Elisa. And if Im wrong and she should be able toconfirm it too,  then I will proudly wear the badge of Sir Lame of Lamingshire as my sig.

    My shield will be a gold slice of humble pie on a sick green background.
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    trippy said:

    Double post.

  • Is it OK to post the spoiler from Ballberg? This is the spoiler thread, after all.
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    I feel like a major production spoiler from an inside source is vastly different from being okay to discuss anything from the books and show. Similarly to how a lot of people, including ARon himself, preferred to not know the detailed and accurate script leaks for The Walking Dead. It's just a whole different level.
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    Especially one that may or may not be true...
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    Yup I got the PM.
  • @Ballbeg

    Can you send me the link? PM

  • @Elisa

    Would you mind sending me the PM link? I posted a request to @Ballbeg but just in case he does not get it, thought I'd ask you. Many Thanks!
  • @Elisa Without getting into any specifics, does it seem like something plausible?
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    @Ballbeg Just white text it with a clear marker that it's an inside info production spoiler. Then people can opt into it without this whole thread turning into PM requests.
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    It's possible tho it's kinda way out there.
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