OITNB - Season 4 Episodes 10-12

Ep. 10: "Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull"
Ep. 11: "People Persons"
Ep. 12: "The Animals"


  • NathanNathan Winterfell, The North, Westeros
    Suzanne :'( Poussey :'''(
    Everyone at this prison needs help. This season has gone so dark it doesn't even feel like a comedy anymore. 

  • Nathan said:

    Suzanne :'( Poussey :'''(

    Everyone at this prison needs help. This season has gone so dark it doesn't even feel like a comedy anymore. 

    Just seen 12. Did she die ? If so how ? Watching 13 later
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    Sitting here at the end of 12 with tears streaming down my face. Did not see that coming for any of the 3 characters involved, and Taystee just ripped my heart out. More to say later.
  • MichelleMichelle California
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    I haven't watched the final episode of the season yet but I will say that I hope Piscatella gets what's coming to him. His inhumane way of treating these people is just brutal and cruel.

    RIP Poussey. :(
  • davemcbdavemcb Melbourne
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    I turned to my wife after finishing this episode and she had tears streaming down her cheeks, not only for Poussey but also the whole Crazy Eyes origin story. As soon as she said she had something back at her apartment I knew it wasn't going to be good. 

    @Nathan I said the same thing as the episode was ending, but we were warned prior to the season it was going to be a darker twist to the season. I'm not sure I want to watch E13 at the moment but I know I will as soon as I get home, I would have watched it last night but we finished E12 at Midnight. 

    I'm also a little annoyed at the writing of this show in regards to the Guards for this season, since the new guards have been bought in only 1 has tried to do something good and he even tried to solicit a hand job in return for cheeseburgers. He also looks like he killed Poussey because he shouldn't have been there in the first place. 

    I also have an issue that the veteran guards are all horrible people even McCullough who was shown to have some empathy in parts, couldn't they have written in at least 1 of the Vet guards to be at least somewhat human or good at their job. Yes a lot of Vets come back from deployment messed up (I've seen it in real life) but they don't become morally reprehensible people. 

    I also can't believe that the member of staff in Litchfield that is the most likable is Joe Caputo, the guy that beats off in his office to inmates especially after they cry is the most likable its remarkable. 
  • @davemcb, I see your point about the guards but I think the lady guard is a vet, right? She's decent.
  • davemcbdavemcb Melbourne
    @NikkiP the lady Guard is McCollough and yes she is also a vet, she moves in and out of being decent. She showed empathy towards Marzipan in the van and has her moments but I only view her as decent because she is less of an asshole than the rest of the Vets. 
  • I am trying to figure out how to cover these three episodes without drawing everyone into a deep hole of depression? I'm doing my first watch and I'm only on episode 11 so far...
  • @PiilaniJR, I will try to skim those again for some light moments you might discuss. I personally thought the skull bunny conversation in E10 was hilarious. I also like how when the inmates all stood on the tables in E12, they did it in a way that was unique to each character. Taystee crossed her arms while Black Cindy threw her hands in the air in a "come at be bro" type of gesture. The white supremacist who shows the most traces of humanity looked at the other racial groups and nodded in solidarity. Those are the type of character moments I enjoyed in this season.
  • It was a gut punch at the end with a character I really like. The solidarity of the prisoners was beautiful and I cannot believe how much I hated Piscatella!!!
  • I will be doing my re-watch to take notes this weekend...
  • MrXMrX CO
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    Ep. 12 was directed by The Weiner!

    Damn this was a devastating (but amazing) stretch of tv. That last scene...
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Holy shit, I always forget how dark this show can get. I'm too scared to watch the last episode now. :-(
  • Episode 10 made me cry
  • weeniegirlweeniegirl Atlanta, GA
    Just finished episode 11 and was left crying at the end. My husband wanted to watch the next episode, but I just couldn't take any more. I never would have guessed Suzanne's reason for ending up in prison, and Lolly at the end really got me.
  • Newbie here, my hubs is Kyle. I'm planning on setting up my own subscription because I love your podcasts. I just listened to this cast today and had so many moments where I wanted to chime in. You see, I used to be a death investigator for a coroner's office for 8 years. I got called to our local prisons all the time. I'd like to add some input. 
    1. Prisons are horrible strange places. They employ all sorts of good people, who over time seem to fall into step with working with "criminals" and form their own opinions of them. Prisons are really depressing places and working in that environment can only end up jading the employees. Even if the veterans in the show were good people, the working conditions are horrible and the "offenders" as they are called, are often really horrible people, or people in horrible conditions that begin to live up to stereotypes that they normally wouldn't. I think the show as a whole this season was a commentary on what prisons are actually like and what horrible places they can be. 
    2. How could the violence between offenders be allowed with several guards around? We had a CCA privately owned prison here commonly known as the gladiator school. I actually saw footage of an offender violently beating another while several guards did nothing. It actually happens. The state has since taken that prison over due to multiple lawsuits.
    3. Pussay(sp?)'s death. As soon as the guard put his knee on her, I knew she was a goner. That sort of thing happens all the time. Many cases are attributed to excited delerium (look it up). In her case it seems different, but I have seen several cases of people that were held down during conflict and inexplicably died, often with a guard or officer holding a person down on the ground not realizing the stress the person was under. 
    Anywhoo, I'm a big fan and can't wait to listen to the season end podcast tomorrow on my way to work. I no longer work with the dead, just the damned living which is such a chore.
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