What was the point of Tyrion unchaining the dragons?

This happened at the beginning of the season, right? And in between then
and the latest episode (episode 9, Battle of the Bastards) absolutely
nothing has come of this development. Dany came back and it's likely
that if the dragons were still chained up upon her return she would have
just let them loose on her own anyway, correct? Which basically makes
the entire Tyrion meaningless, doesn't it?Why set up that plot line and
not do anything with it at all for the entire season? Sure, it could be
that it's meant to show that Tyrion has a sort of special relationship
with the creatures and forshadow him riding one in the future, but if
that literally happens next episode it is going to be very cheap,  I
feel. And even if it does end up that he's a dragon rider it makes
absolutely no sense that he unchained the dragons and it's been left
alone for such a long time. Why not do it AFTER Dany came back? She
could have ordered him to release the dragons and it would have had more
of an effect with the same future results.

I don't know, maybe
I'm wrong but right now it feels very empty to me and kind of like a
huge cheat just so Tyrion can ride a dragon or something next episode or
next season.


  • DrKenDrKen Chicago
    That's a good point.  I thought the reason to release them was because they weren't getting enough to eat and needed to roam and hunt to grow larger.

    I guess they just decided to hang out.  They're like my kids.  Just sitting in the basement playing video games.  Dany needs to tell them to go out in the yard.
  • I think it had meaning for two reasons

    1)It made an introduction of the relationship between Tyrion and the dragons, independent from Dany - he's forming his own bond with them.

    2) It's less plausible that they could break out of collapsing building if chained up I think they could probably just melt the iron chains but still.

    You're not wrong it's just your reading, but I liked what they did with that and don't think it was a 'huge cheat'
  • Yeah I thought the reason they were unchained was they needed to get out and grow but in the episode, don't they tear down the walls of the building they're in(only watched the episode once) so, if they're still inside they're not even doing what they released them for.
  • I was a bit disappointed the plotline stalled after Tyrion unchained them, but I get it. That scene is one of my all time favorites as it was perhaps Tyrion's greatest personal moment. Everything he dreamed of as a child was coming true...so beautiful.

    I like the "teenagers in the basement" analogy posted above....just waiting on mom to come home with more snacks.
  • What's the point of this being in its own thread?
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    He said it was to feed them but I agree that they probably weren't going to get any bigger if they were still down in the basement. But I think they were too depressed with Mommy being gone to even try and break out.

    Also, who had to feed them after their unchaining? It's one thing when you know they are on a leash they PROBABLY can't get to you. Whole nother thing when they're free down there.
  • TheEconomistTheEconomist Chattanooga, TN
    edited June 2016
    I will admit the choice of placement of the scene is odd. Perhaps if it was swapped with a drinking scene and happened more in mid season it wouldn't feel so disconnected. But my thinking is I'm Tyrion. I just arrived in Meeren. I saw a dragon passing through Valyria. I want to see dragons ASAP.

    It would be strange if someone like Tyrion with a fascination with dragons just ignores their existence for the purposes of plot pacing.

    Now not having any control over these beasts if they want or are able to leave the pit or not having a PoV to check in with them which would be somewhat pointless and budget zapping, I'm okay with them being off screen for a while.
  • EnverEnver Toronto
    The biggest cheat was the trailer, where they showed them roasting someone, and it never happened.
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