Final Wrap-UP Cast....what happened?

So I remember hearing about this big season 2 wrap up cast during each of the casts and it never happened. What gives? I was hoping I'd get to hear all the awesome guests weigh in on the season as a whole!


  • I was disappointed to see this never pop up in my feed as well. It was such a fun and diverse cast for this show! I'm guessing all the different schedules made it difficult for a big get-together podcast.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yep. I had the foresight to schedule the entire season in advance, months ahead of time. I did not schedule a wrap up cast. Everyone was in general willing, but I had it scheduled and canceled like 4 times, and it got so long after the fact that I'm like, fuck it, we'll just wrap it into the season preview for this year. The only host I have regular contact with is Cecily, and everyone is incredibly busy, and everyone buy Cecily is on West Coast time. Sorry, I'll definitely schedule something for a wrap up for the coming season.
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    I will admit I was a little disappointed because I kept hearing about this big wrap up cast for weeks and weeks and it never happened but...I mean you could do a preseason cast with a couple of the girls...honestly it doesn't matter in the long run. I'm sure whatever you guys end up doing will be great!
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