Very Cautiously Optimistic

I can't say that I would recommend S1 of Mr. Robot to someone. It pulled the same trick that LOST did by constantly distracting us with new plot threads, while never really resolving any previous ones. I enjoy the overall tone and social commentary, but at times it can be heavy-handed with it's attempts at being "edgy". S1 ends on a huge cliffhanger, which is fine except for the fact that nothing was really answered in the whole season.

However, it was well-crafted and intriguing enough for me to give the first few episodes of S2 a chance.

What are your thoughts?


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I don't think the show was nearly as clever as it thought it was, but I'm willing to let a lot slide because Rami Malek is so compelling on screen. He is such a find.
  • @Jim heard 2 bit encryption just now, you mentioned Lloyd being one of your favorite characters, I loved how he described a root kit saying, it's a crazy serial rapist with a very big dick. I laughed not at the comment but at how unbelievably tackless I imagine guys in that field must be. Also I loved the scene when Gideon invites them all to dinner, and while everybody is awkwardly trying to converse, Lloyd is just gnoshing away, either because he's oblivious to the social awkwardness or he's aware of it, and stuffing his face is his way of coping with it. Again, I have to be believe you and @A_Ron_Hubbard have known guys like that or perhaps been that guy. Hell I think I am that guy!!!!
  • *Clearly Spoilers Ahead*

    I really liked it except for the mental health stuff.  Multiple personality disorder is not exactly the most well validated mental illness, but on top of that, to have the multiple personality also flit in and out of the person's consciousness as a hallucination?  And have this guy actually be able to function in technical and social situations?   A little much for me.
  • While I really liked the 1st half of season 1 for Mr.Robot, once a few things became clear I couldn't help but compare it to a certain Brad Pitt movie for more than just 1 reason.  The ending kind of fell flat for me and while I like a good cliffhanger as much as anyone, this one just didn't seem to do it for me.  I will be watching season 2 and just listened to "2-Bit Encryption" on the way to work this morning and I look forward to following along this season with the guys. 
  • CobeyCobey Los Angeles
    I reccomend season 1 to everyone. It was masterful storytelling, camera work, and music design. I went in knowing most of the twists and binge watched it so it was a different experience than most.
  • I think you guys might have beeen a little hard on Elliot. While I agree Elliot does use people and lie effortlessly, I think it's his way of coping with his social awkwardness. While they don't explicitly say it, it looks like Elliot is on the autism scale, possibly Aspergers. Elliot tells the coffee house pedophile that he can't talk to talk to people. Angela invites him to her BD and doesn't go because......he's busy taking down coffeehouse pedophile guy. Also, he almost never looks anyone in the eye, unless it's MR Robot whom we know is him. None of this remotely excuses his behavior but just offers another possible dimension to the character.
  • I am cautiously optimistic about the upcoming season. I enjoyed the first season (though not a big fan of Portia) and I hope the second season is better. There have been new shows that have good to great first seasons and then fall flat in subsequent seasons. This has piqued my interest so they have my investment.
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
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    I'm with Dee, the main draw for me is Rami Malek. I could wax lyrical about his performance, but MZS does it far better than I could on the latest Vulture TV podcast.
  • New episode just dropped early on Twitter:

  • Doctor_NickDoctor_Nick Terminus
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    BTW- are people still burning DVDs for archiving like Elliot does? I went to multiple hard drives long ago....

    -Also, would a password safe with a random password generator greatly impede Elliot's ability to hack all his acquaintances?   
  • Doctor_Nick, multiple backups over a variety of mediums is usually recommended. Using DVDs is not only a throw back, but makes all of that data much more easily transportable. He's also able to "deceive" or social engineer what people's 1st impression of what's on them may be.

    As far as a password safe, it "helps" a little, but all he would have to do is install a RAT on someone's Laptop/PC or clone their phone and that means little. Let's face it 99.8% of people would not use one of those anyways.
  • Finishing up my rewatch.

    I'm suspecting that Tyrell was working with Mr. Robot and F Society from near the beginning of the series.

    1. Why exactly did Eliot have the .dat file prepared for Colby to begin with? Was there a real point for F Society to go after Colby? Eliot didn't necessarily know he was involved in causing his father's death at that point, while there is an obvious motive for Tyrell. If F Society is just attacking Evil Corp, what difference does who the CTO is make to them? The show also makes a point of showing Tyrell noticing Eliot changing the folders in the meeting.

    2. Tyrell Is one of the key masters in Eliot's morphine dream.

    3. Tyrell and Eliot meeting at Steel Mountain likely not an accident. Likely was an exploit.
  • BTW- are people still burning DVDs for archiving like Elliot does? I went to multiple hard drives long ago....

    -Also, would a password safe with a random password generator greatly impede Elliot's ability to hack all his acquaintances?   

    Multiple SD and USB cards for me.
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    Spoilers for Mr. Robot season 2:

    Well, after season two, I'm out. This show's just not for me. I feel like nothing really happened this season, and I'm not attached to the characters enough to continue (especially Angela and Dom), and Mobley & Trenton are fucking dead (RIP). And seeing the incarceration twist coming didn't help, either, especially since it lead NOWHERE!!! Also, this show has far too many half-baked "mysteries".

    Romero being offed by a stray bullet? Joanna's gifts being from Knowles? Really?

    I understand why people are into this show, I really do. But, for me, this show's too clever by half.
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