Finale / wrap up

Due to scheduling issues we weren't able to get the finale Orange Cast out. I expect it to be out early to mid next week. Sorry!


  • I'm starting to doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

  • So fitting...our hopes just left laying on the floor
  • Hey Aron Sesily and Pilani (sorry if I butchered the spelling of all your names..blame A_Ron!lol) I'm just wondering about the status on the finale/wrap up podcast for OITNB. Will there still be one? Thank you all for your time and dedication overall to this show. I enjoy all of your insight and indepth convos!!
  • Post-Podcast: I understand what @A_Ron_Hubbard was getting at with the depiction of veterans, but wasn't it made pretty clear that the despicable corporation in charge only hired the "unhirables"? They were way over the top as characters, sure, but so was Walter White, and I don't know of many teachers or cancer patients that correlated themselves with a TV character. @Cecily--I rewatched the final scene several times trying to figure out how every direction got blocked; still makes absolutely no sense.
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