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  • Well, just as my name on here suggests, I am into whisk(e)y on my personal time.  I pretty much love it all with the exception of Canadian whisky (personal reasons).

    I work in the alcohol industry and am a Certified Spirits Specialist.  So, I pretty much enjoy trying all sorts of spirits and creating/testing out cocktails.  

    Every now and then, I do enjoy a full-bodied red wine.  
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    Syrah is the name of the grape, but they call it shiraz down under. I'm aware of Iranian city Shiraz that once produced wine, so maybe that's how Australians dubbed it that. I love Australian slang. I recently learned "gobby" and "gobby face" from watching Ozzy Man's GoT youtube videos. Good stuff.

    I'm Australian and I've never heard of either of those slang words.
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  • i'm doing a low carb thing now so i had bacardi and diet coke the other night--it's pretty bad.  

    normally i drink beer, red wine, or vodka tonic, occasionally a (real, gin) martini.

    i don't drink as much as i used to, though, in my late 30s my body started reacting more badly and having young kinds kind of ruined it.
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  • voodoorat said:

    i'm doing a low carb thing now so i had bacardi and diet coke the other night--it's pretty bad.  

    ooh you have transformed yourself into a sorority girl from the 90's! 
    slowly but surely!
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    I love beer. I'm in MIchigan on holiday now and have been trying a bunch of Michigan beers.

    I also love red wine. The last bottle I think we had was a Cono Sur Cabernet. Pretty inexpensive, but I like it.

    Whisky is another favorite. The last bottle I had was a Glenfidditch. Before that was Yamazaki.

    And I love sake as well. One of my recent favorites is Daishichi. @pavlovsbell what are your favorites on the sake front?

    Oh and umeshu is something I love drinking in the summer.
  • @DaveyMac  Daishichi makes beautiful sakes. Most of my favorites are still the ones I first sampled, or ones that I sold the most, so it's probably just a familiarity thing. Two that come to mind are Kamoizumi daiginjo, one of my first sakes, earthy and mushroomy but balanced with a hint of tart/sweet, although I also like their nigiri and KomeKome on occasion. The other is Dassai 23 Daiginjo, it's versatile and has fruit notes like strawberry but it's so balanced. Kakurei makes a delicious ume-shu. I'm prone to drinking rosé in the summer or prosecco with a lime squeeze. Both of those scream summer to me.

    But for anytime drinking, I keep a couple of Trader Joe's house brand sake in the fridge. I don't know who makes it for them in Japan, but it's very easy to drink, and the price can't be beat.
  • @pavlovsbell I'm not familiar with either of those sakes. I'll have to check them out. You've got far better descriptions of them then I could ever do. I've always just had two vocabulary for sake. Karakuchi (dry taste) and Amai (sweet). My father-in-law loves sake and so I'm always trying the stuff he gets and usually it's the dry stuff. I'll check out the umeshu brand you recommended as well. My mother-in-law makes umeshu every year, so I often just drink the stuff she makes.

    I had no idea Trader Joes had a house sake. Interesting.

    Oh and one of the things I love about Daishichi is that it's good hot or cold. The one I always get is the Junmai Kimoto.
  • Reviving a super-old thread..

    I've found Proper 12 (https://properwhiskey.com/) to be a decently drinkable Whisky, here in Alabama our state-run Booz cartel sells it for about $30.   

    Our weather seems increasingly to be a function of extremes but Nov, after hurricane season through March are typically good cool weather times around me where I'm turning from pool rum-drinks to Whiskies.   What are you all drinking this year?
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