Hannibal Season 3 Teaser Trailer

This is going to be amazing. I'm not going to give any spoilers but... the new additions to the cast, the new plots... I am so fucking excited.


  • Firstly: my excitement for this season can not be explained. I didnt think it was possible to beat out Thrones or Justified. But this is my fav show on TV.

    I did watch the teaser trailer and I loved it. However, networks now put out season trailers that show wayyyy the fuck to much. So later in the year when they release the full trailer, im not going to watch it.

    Season 2 trailer was great but they show wayto much.
  • Have you read the books?

    I havent read the books. So Fuller's mashup of the books is an interesting move. I read an article after Season 1 and he compared it to the alternate universe in Fringe. He has the material and he's creating his own world. How many shows can even do that?
  • IMO this trailer doesn't really give anything away... I have knowledge of some of a lot of spoilery things for the season and well, the trailer is pretty tame I think. But I guess if you hate spoilers of any kind it's best not to watch it?

    I read the books, it's a great show that mashes up books and movies with nice creative input from Fuller.
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