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  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Jurassic Park with robots!? How could that not be awesome?
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  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    I watch it about a month ago. It's definitely dated but I think it's worth the watch with the TV show coming out. I went in expecting it to be awful and was surprisingly entertained by it and the concept. Im excited to see what HBO can do with this, although I'm skeptical as to how they can keep this type of show entertaining for multiple seasons.

    PS the sequel Futureworld is streaming on Amazon prime.
  • CobeyCobey Los Angeles
    Westworld is a weird movie. It starts off at a 10 and ends in a 3. 

    It starts with so much promise, setting up an awesome premise that is well handled and leads you into the story with interesting and fun characters. But then about 25 minutes in... nothing happens. And then nothing keeps happening. Everytime something interesting pops up (things with the robots misbehaving) it just drops the plot and goes back to our boring main character. 

    The last 30 minutes are a complete bore fest that is just one character walking after another character. That's it. There's nothing profound said about how these robots are forced to live and die and be raped everyday just for the enjoyment of tourist, nothing about the main character and what he's learned and what he'll do now that he's seen all this, it just ends in a chase. 

    The movie is worth watching though, if only for those first 30 minutes and also it's fun to notice the extreme similarities between this and Jurassic Park (which also had ending problems that were well hidden by a much stronger director). 
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  • I really enjoyed Westworld. That said it's not a great movie. For a novelist, Crichton didn't give us much of a story, or a reason to care about his characters. That said, this era of film making is right down my alley. Those movies were fun in a way that the comic book movies of today mostly aren't. I wonder if @A_Ron_Hubbard doesn't movies like Soylent Green, A Clock Work Orange, or Andromeda Strain either. 
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  • I haven't watched it lately. But I concur that Westworld, Futureworld, Sexworld, and Fantasy Island (white and black Rourkes), all make a credible job at making a reveal about the "main player's" inner nature and propensities.
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