102 - "Chestnut"

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So to offset the ratings hit from the debate HBO released the episode 2 days early. Don't mean to step on your toes @A_Ron_Hubbard but It'll make it easier to chat about the episode with those who have seen it. Just starting it now. The eldest McPoyle cleans up good.

Written By: Jonathan Nolan And Lisa Joy
Directed By: Richard J. Lewis


  • "I know what you thought this place was gonna be. Guns and Tits. You have no idea what this place is really about". Seems very much like a thesis statement for this show.
  • Holy ish....I really enjoyed the second episode. We know now the "keys" to unlock the extra levels. The production of this show is very very high (I would say GoT high). The "entrance" to the park was interesting. The way they melded the salon to the train seemlessly (down to showing the shadows near the door when picking up guests). We also know more about the MIB. He's been going so much he's found his own "secret" path and it appears that he may have paid enough never to return.

    I wanted to keep it light for my first post in the thread, but the second episode sealed the season pass for me.
  • Sweet Christmas, another Westworld Episode 2 thread!
  • Sweet Christmas, another Westworld Episode 2 thread!

    *waves hand* this is not the Episode 2 thread you are looking for...move along, move along...
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    Any theories on Lutz (Gavin from House of Cards)?

    I can't help but think his visit it taking place decades ago (I don't think he interacts with any of the human staff) and that he may become the Man in Black.
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