Official Thread: S1 E13 "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"

Hey all, Eric here from the Gotham Blotter. If you'd like to chat about the newest episode, "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon," please do so here. I can't wait to hear what you have to say!


  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Looking foward to this episode. Can't wait to see them torture Fish and see what Maroni thinks of Penguin's alliance with Falcone.
  • I am very glad that they brought back the menacing Falcone. Watching him turn into an old softy was cringe-worthy.It has to only be a matter of time before Maroni finds out about Penguin..right? Hopefully we get more #GordThompkins action!
  • TravisTravis CA
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    Yeah. Who would win in the battle of the useless show drags (as in dragging down the show), Barbara Gordon or Lori Grimes?
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    More Bullock please B)
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    @TravisSmith‌ Lori for sure. Regardless of how much Barbara may be dragging the show down, her scenes are few and far between, I felt like Lori's obstructiveness was non-stop.

    Speaking of dragging things along, I couldn't stand how eye-rollingly predictable everything about this episode was regarding Fish. Couldn't stand how they dragged this out so much, but knew it was inevitable. I also didn't like Penguin's instant reversion to pathetic groveling, I thought it took away from the excellent build-up he's had throughout the season thus far. Dammit Penguin, stop playing with your food and just eat the Fish already.
  • I enjoyed the episode as a whole, definitely, but I have a fear about the show being way too toothless. I mean, Butch needed to die but now they are going to go into some rescue plot for a minor character that served his purpose pretty well, but in the end needed to be sacrificed. Where is the jeopardy if the show can't even commit to losing Butch Gilzean? I'm also not in love with a Bullock/Fish love thing. It just feels unnecessary, and the show already has a bit of a tendency to be pretty crowded.

    All that said, I did like the episode as a whole. I loved the ending with Delaware begging Jim for the life of his family and the "oh shit" look on his face. I think that is a plotline that I think will be fun to play around with for a week or two. I enjoyed the Cat and Bruce stuff while it was happening, but I'm also glad that they are breaking it off and getting him back to his solitary, obsessive nature. And I also just liked the case this week. I loved that whole bit with Bullock "you think you've been careful?!" That was great.

    I do agree @ghm3‌, on both counts. As much as I do see that he is still that guy who is more about angles than being tough, I kind of wish he was a little tougher; and about Lori as a much bigger show drag, if nothing else because she was so central to the plot. She was the Smush Parker of TWD (worst point guard I could think of). Tommy Merlin on Arrow could have become a great candidate for this discussion as well, but the show killed him off at just the right time.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Honestly the best thing was the scene with Cat, Alfred and Bruce. I know they are trying to show Gordon turning from Mr gung ho nice guy to a darker guy but they sure did drag it along. The Fish plot lacked enough drama and suspense. The Penguin scenes were ok but not great. Carol Kane is awesome though. It was okay but a bit of a let down from last week's stellar episode. I just wish Gotham would be more consistent.
  • TravisTravis CA
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    @Elisa‌ Totally agree about Carol Kane. I'm so glad they cast her in that role. She's the perfect mother of the Penguin. I also really liked the way that Alfred handled Bruce after Cat brushed him off. The whole "you want me to get a broom or do you want to keep crying about your (can't remember his exact words)" thing was perfect. Perfect tone to it. You're right, that was a really good scene.
  • manhattnikmanhattnik the big apple
    Does it mean I should get out more that whenever I see Alfred I expect the actor's dad to pop out of the TARDIS?
  • It's funny that you mention that. I am constantly annoying my wife about how Laurel's mom (played by the same actress as River Song) should just pop back in time and fix everything, or how "Captain Jack turned into a real dick" when we watch Arrow.
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    Fish was barely tortured. I mean where did that guy learn how to torture? Should have pulled her tooth out or electrified her nipples. That's just torture 101.
  • As a side-note, I liked that guy's episode of Fringe where he predicted all sorts of events to create kind of real world mousetrap scenarios.
  • BransformerBransformer North Carolina
    The podcast isn't ending is it?
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