Can the hosts "feel?"

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  • IMO the hosts' emotions are no different to ours. The only significant differences between their brains and ours are that there are some differences in our hard-coded behaviours, some of their memories were implanted rather than experienced, and their perception of reality is backwards. They wake up in the park and take it for granted that their programmed memories are real, and that their memories of real events are dreams.

    I think that Abernathy was definitely having a red pill moment after he found the photograph, realizing that events from his "past lives" actually happened and were not dreams, understanding that their life on the farm was fraudulent, also having difficult reconciling that understanding with his programmed love for his "daughter". I think his anger at Ford was genuine. Yeah, perhaps Abernathy had never actually read the books he was quoting, but the implanted quotations were still a legitimate part of his personality.
  • @telephoneofmadness  Just wait until we find out one of these hosts is implanted with memories of a real person.
  • I don't know, but I also don't know if any other humans can actually feel--maybe I'm the only entity that actually feels anything and everybody else just acts as if they are feeling, there's no way for me to know for certain so i have to assume that other humans have similar inner workings to what i know myself to have.  the fact that they're programmed to react that way, well, we're all sort of programmed genetically or societally to events in certain ways.  from the way they react to things, i assume they do feel even if they are programmed to feel.  and if they do feel and they sure seem to be intelligent and self-aware (to the extent that we have to mask their own nature from them and deactivate them if they realize it) it seems like there's a very thin line between us and them to me.
  • How do you determine when something is actually feeling something? Is it the expression of that feeling? After all human feelings are often learned. Some are just stimuli responses. It is our memory of these added experiences that allows us to "feel" a certain way. If we didn't have these experiences then would you still "feel" or just be expressing feelings? If we added memories (as we have seen in the show) it adds to the emotional responses available to the AI Robot.
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  • so you say
  • @voodoorat I'm a human and I have feelings, so that makes at least two of us.

    I'm a robot and I have feelings..
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