Is the "milk" stem cells? Check out this ghost heart' video).

A lot of clues point to the hosts being biological creations, right? So, how are they doing it at Delos? 

Scientists are already doing it. This article popped up in my feed (my uncle had a heart transplant last year after a weird virus destroyed his left ventricle). 

I read it and my immediate thoughts slammed into Westworld!

Here's a video: 


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    I realize I made some leaps in argument there-- maybe not "a lot" but some do. They bleed, they have guts, they get MRSA...

    EDIT: I should have checked Reddit first. Others have come to a similar conclusion there, with better worded theories in the comment section. Nonetheless, the video is freaking cool. And the white heart looks oh so familiar. 

    Here are the Reddit posts for ref:

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  • I didn't know that--  interesting and it makes sense. 

    I do like thinking over the thought that they are biological, that their bodies are 3D printed protein mesh with cells forming the organs. It begs viewer to ask, is this "real"?

    Other thoughts-- it ties together two interesting pieces from the ARG. The fact that you sign over all biological matter to the park upon leaving and that question about if you'd been in an accident and they completely rebuilt your body, would it still be you? It's some version of the Ship of Theseus paradox (

    Fun other little correlation it was Theseus that slew the Minotaur in the center of the Labrynth.
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