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Searching for "movies" in forums leading to no results, so starting this thread.

What are some movies reminiscent of Westworld?

Two big ones come to mind for me (theme: alternate/virtual reality gaming and the nature of reality), and I HIGHLY recommend watching them ASAP, in this order:


  • 3) The Matrix (obviously)

    4) Uncanny Valley. Short movie, you can watch it here:

    5) Source Code

    6) A few years ago, there was a Swedish TV serie called "Real Humans". From Wikipedia: "The series follows the resulting emotional effects on two families as well as the trials of a group of robots who have attained free will and want their freedom from human ownership"
  • @michielterlouw Real Humans has a NA remake called "Humans"...it was also mentioned on the podcast and recommended (personally) if you want to get a little more of the whatbwpuld people so with "conscious" AI.

    I would also say
    AI (Artifical Intelligence)
    Aliens Quadrillogy/Prometheus (not specifically but because of involvement of AI bots)
    Ex Machina
    Terminator Series

    If you are talking VR type:
    Johnny Mnemonic
    Lawnmower Man
    Strange Days
    Total Recall

    Also, if you are looking for AR type movie you may want to be on the lookout for Ready Player One. The book is one I really enjoyed.
  • Regarding "The Nines", the plot synopsis on  IMDb would have me not necessarily agreeing with it being in an AI genre.

    But you said a "nature of reality" theme.

    So, in that vein, I would nominate "Cloud Atlas".
  • Jurassic Park ...it is basically Crichton's perfected version of his 1970s Westworld movie, without the crappy acting and special effects. No androids, but many of the same themes and ethical questions.
  • elgat0elgat0 Clearwater
    Dark City - People living in an artificial environment having their identifities and memories being manipulated for the benefit of others
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    I don't know just how similar it is, but an old Donald Sutherland movie that was filed down the road from me 25 years ago titled The Lifeforce Experiment

    After a failed mission CIA agent Jessica Saunders gets a new order to watch Dr. MacLean by working for him as a programmer. When she arrives at his laboratory she is amazed about his experiments: Dr. MacLean has developed a computer who is able to view the dreams of sleeping people. But that is only the beginning of his plans.

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