Robot Dragons? Robot. Dragons.

Westworld showrunners discuss that Game of Thrones crossover idea that GRRM and fans have talked about before the show ever premiered. We always knew that Jon Snow was just a Teddy Flood.


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    If Game of Thrones turned out to be a WestWorld-esque game, here is my question to you:

    Only selecting from the character in the show or book, who is the guest?  Can't be anyone who is dead, they have to be currently alive.

    I'm going to go with Danaerys.  It would explain why nothing has been able to hurt her (the fire is an optical illusion, deadly to host-horse-lords but completely harmless to Dany).  Dany having her creeper brother was a back-story.  He was just a host.

    I would also accept Brienne.
  • *GOT spoilers below for the uninitiated*

    If it's a Westworld-esque game, the guy who died and was seemingly raised from the dead a day later by someone saying words over his body would be my biggest guess for being an android- so, Jon Snow (or  Beric Dondarrion going by that same criteria).
  • I edited my previous comment, I meant who was the guest.  Also, I changed it to have a spoiler warning.  Sorry, I feel dumb.

  • The idea of crossing over the shows sounds like a bad joke.
  • ken hale said:

    The idea of crossing over the shows sounds like a bad joke.

    Yeah, they'll never do it. Closest they would come is at some point down the line in a later season (after GOT is over), they might visit the assembly line of a "new Medieval World park we're working on" and we see a droid that looks like a famous GoT character. But again, even that is doubtful and would be way down the line in a later season, IMO.

    Still mildly interesting that GRRM was all about the idea before Westworld premiered and the Westworld creators aren't being snobs about it, even if they're not likely not taking it seriously.
    ken hale
  • As soon as I read that it was his idea, I pictured Martin grumbling about how maybe the fans wouldn't take it so damn seriously if it was all revealed to be just some bullshit video game world.
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