Fun Stuff in the DiscoverWestworld Site?

Hi guys,
I was just wondering if anyone has found new fun stuff in the DiscoverWestworld site. I saw the promo code VIOLENTDELIGHTS thing in a hitfix post that takes you to a Delos corporate site with e-mails and a map of the operations area of Westworld and Dolores' potential story arcs and I tried the holding down "shift" thing that makes the DiscoverWestworld site freak out, as well as the thing that they discussed on the podcast about repeatedly telling Aeden "these violent delights have violent ends" or asking "what are you" repeatedly which also makes the site freak out. Has anyone found anything else? Just curious. One thing that I wondered about is if there is anything to type into the ADMIN box on the Delos corporate site that could allow access to more stuff. I haven't come up with anything yet though.


  • If you really want to find out what's there head over to Reddit. They have a dedicated thread for it and are relentless ;)
  • @KingKobra Thanks! I've never really used Reddit before. I guess the time has come to take a crack at it. Thanks!
  • TravisTravis CA
    edited October 2016
    A couple of things that I didn't find in the reddit thread I looked over...
    I asked Aeden "Dragons" and got a fun little GoT response.
    Also, if you type "Where the snake lays its eggs" it gives you the whole spiel that the kid says ending with "the maze is not for you."
    If you ask about Shakespeare there is a response about respecting creative people (something to that effect) but nothing illuminating.
    Also, if you repeat exactly what Aeden says to you a few times you will get the same error as if you had said the Violent Delights bit a few times.
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