MIB = Peter Martin

So could the man in black be Peter Martin from the original 1973 Westworld film? We know that the film was set 'some time in the near future' so the 30 years ago 'critical failure' mentioned in the series might be referring to the events of the film? Perhaps Peter Martin was given unlimited access to Westworld (once the mess was cleared up) as a payoff for the trauma he suffered during his fatal first visit (this may explain the comment 'that gentleman gets whatever he wants' when MIB is going crazy on control's screen). Perhaps MIB/Peter Martin is trying to expose/sabotage Westworld by finding his way 'to the centre of the maze' as an act of revenge? Or even, perhaps Ford has set up a 30 year (and counting) narrative just for Martin in which Martin believes he's trying to take down Westworld when actually Ford's just keeping him preoccupied so as not to cause trouble and/or giving Martin an amazing adventure where the boundaries between real life and role play are blurred/lost?


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