plot spoiler - my ideas...

          Robert ford has a fight with his co-founder Arnold who wants to gift the hosts with consciousness [he strongly disagrees].

*         Arnold dies/killed but not before constructing a test maze that [like a Turing test] once completed will gift a sentient host with independence from the park and the programmers [only a true sentient can pass the test].

*         In the early timeline Michael comes to the park and falls in love with Delores as the first host insurrection occurs [the insurrection prevents hosts such as Delores from being reset each night - allowing Michael time to experience and appreciate the sentience of Dolores].

*         They both survive the insurrection but Michael is forced to leave the park and Delores is reset.

*         Michael then comes back to park each year to find a way for Delores to be permanently free [or possibly just to be free with teddy]. Here, Michael transitions into ‘man in black’ [MIB].

*         Somehow, Bernard is a plant [might be a host] who is seeding the hosts with routines to awaken consciousness [and thereby move closer to discovering the maze].

*         Bernard and Michael may be in collusion to affect this transition.

*         MIB attempts, as a guest, to uncover the whereabouts of the maze [clues left by Arnold]. His interactions with Dolores are intended to spark memories and accelerate awakening [there is no rape].

*         Ford ultimately finds out about the quest and tries to stop events.

*         Second insurrection occurs, hosts turn on guests, and [MIB + Delores + other guests], attempt to find maze while both crazy hosts and park staff attempt to stop events.

*         MIB sacrifices himself so that Delores can complete the maze [Bernard also make sacrifice, but not sure how]……Delores [+teddy?] are free. The end.

would love to hear any other ideas!


  • I think by Michael you mean William? Because even if he falls in love with Delores "30 years ago," I'm not sure we know enough to say the "critical failure" was necessarily an insurrection of sentience.  Bernard and Ford are present-day, and they don't seem to convey the belief that the hosts are capable of that level of autonomy and self-interest.  The general structure of your predictions would be a good story, but I think it gets to the endgame a little too quickly for a show that will probably be around for 8 seasons if HBO can manage it.

    Also, I think there is bound to be a lot more corporate intrigue that factors into the overall story.  Ford has already mentioned the potential for sabotage, we haven't even really learned what "the Board" is all about, or what the bigger goal for robot sentience is, as Teresa and Lee hinted at.  Ford and Bernard haven't even acknowledged the existence of MiB yet.  Only Stubbs has.  Is Stubbs a corporate spy, colluding with MiB to steal the secret to Ford's design?  Who knows! 

    Generally speaking, while it's fun to theorize, it's also funny how, 3 episodes in, every theory is fundamentally altered by every episode.  Ep2 intros William, so now he must be MiB.  Ep 3 intros Arnold, so now HE has something to do with MiB.
  • I agree with you entirely, it just serves to underline my excitement about the story!, yes i did mean william [oops]. This is the utlimate water cooler series and i'm just planting my flag! thanks for the constructive response, my only hope is that in the end we're all pleasantly will be a good sunday, walking dead, westworld and some new black mirror. 
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