Jedi (bicameral) Mind Tricks

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What do you guys think Ford is up to?

He obviously knew what he was doing when he added the reveries. He wants the hosts to have access to their memories, and he must know that they would be smart enough to figure out that they were remembering things. We also don't know exactly how he controls the hosts. So far we've seen him use a mixture of verbal commands and physical gestures. In the third episode he makes one of the hosts stop playing a piano with a gesture that looks a lot like a Jedi mind trick. Then he pulls the ultimate power move with the lady from QA by freezing all the hosts. God knows how he did that. Here's what I think:

1. All of Ford's "mistakes" are intentional, and he can completely control the hosts at will. 
2. He started the park with the goal of creating self-aware, free AI. Perhaps to bring on the next step in evolution. 
3. When Dolores hears Bernard's voice those are actually commands from Ford and possibly Albert. 
4. The photograph and real gun were planted by Ford. 
5. None of the hosts are actually malfunctioning, "violent delights" is just another verbal command that gets them to start accessing memories. 


  • I think 5) has been discussed quite a bit and from what we have seen is kind of "proven". The "malfunctioning" is much like the Jedi being good (they are from a certain point of view).
  • I'm pretty sure the voices of "God" are soley coming from Arnold. The hosts only mention Arnold when they hear the voice in their head, not Ford or Bernard. When you tell Aeden (from "these violent delights have violent ends" he mentions that "Arnold is coming for you". When Dolores digs up the gun in ep 2, she says "Here?" as if she is talking to someone in her head, that someone being Arnold. If anybody planted a gun, it would seem the it was Arnold who put it there. This would also give credence to the idea that Arnold programmed in back doors to reactivate his "voice of God" to continue his quest for self aware AI and undermine Ford's need for control. 
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