God Mode in Westworld - solution

While it is true that the guests are invincible in Westworld there are still challenges and ways the guest could "lose." We see an example of this in Episode 104 - Dissonance Theory.

After Logan and William capture the guy from the wanted poster, Logan kills the law man that is with them when he hears about another quest from the prisoner. When William doesn't want to go Logan threatens to kill Dolores and William saves Dolores by threatening to kill the prisoner in retaliation. Logan and William both realize that killing the prisoner would be equivalent to losing the mission since without the prisoner they would have no idea how to progress.

Think of escort quests in MMORPGs, even if you never die, there is still a possibility of failing a mission. You'd have to go back to Sweetwater and start again, the failed quest might not even be available a second time. At least for myself, I could see that alone being enough to keep me invested even in a world where I knew I couldn't die.

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