Westworld and Brave New World

I'm a little behind on the podcasts (so I may be late to the party), but I haven't seen any discussion of the connections between Westworld and Brave New World by Aldus Huxley. BNW (in a nutshell and including only parts that are relevant) is a dystopian novel where all humans are born in test tubes, and are essentially created on an assembly line. They worship Henry Ford because he created the first assembly line. In WW, Dr. Ford (who creates the hosts in an assembly line fashion) refers to himself as a God to the hosts. 

BNW is more or less about a "savage" born outside the utopian society of natural causes who has one of the only books of Shakespeare's complete works. He travels to the utopian society and eventually commits suicide. My main takaway from the novel is that art cannot exist in a "perfect world". This relates to how the hosts hear Romeo and Juliet and start acting weird. The story of Romeo and Juliet doesn't really relate to Westworld at all. Maybe the show goes in a direction where hosts are to guests as Montagues are to Capulets, but even then R&J is kind of about how those families hate each other and can't remember why. This leads me to believe that hosts quoting Shakespeare is also a Brave New World connection. 

Anyway, I don't know what any of this means for the future of the show. Maybe someone could take this information and run with it. 
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