Theory on the space suits

chriskchrisk Indianapolis
I think this may have to do with the piece in the guest waiver about DNA.

My guess is higher ups and longer term employees in the administration like Elsie don't have to worry about their DNA being confused with guests, but the techs are likely less well known and more likely to turn over with some regularity. And they're possibly more likely to interact with the world itsef. So maybe it's just more convenient to make sure their DNA isn't in the park.

Also interesting that (i think) we've seen a couple different versions of these suits. Wonder if that would lend some credence to the idea that we're seeing timelines separated by decades. 


  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    Well it was made clear this past episode that the clean up crew guys in the suits are the low men on the totem pole.

    They are the guys that get the Host bodies and clean them and repair them.

    This is distinct from Behavior which handles all software.

    Guests are bleeding on and fucking these things, not to mention that the Hosts are actually organic tissue. The suits make sense, you don't want to be spattered with blood/semen even if it was "fake".

    Behavior doesn't need suits because Behavior doesn't do the dirty work.
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