Westworld production halted last year to write (rewrite?) episodes 7-10

"HBO confirmed the delay today, saying in a statement, “As we head into the final phase of production on Westworld,
we’ve made the decision to take a brief hiatus in order to get ahead of
the writing.” Individuals close to the production tell Deadline that
they are told things will start up again in mid-February."


This probably doesn't mean anything but I thought it was interesting and something to think about watching next week, especially if anything crazy happens.



  • How does that translate to 7-10? The only one they had shot before was the Pilot....also these days they often shoot out of order (see Mr Robot). So they may shoot scenes from episode 1,3 and 5 one day and 2,5,8 another. They also commented about using the time to map out 5 seasons.
  • Two time periods confirmed!!!!!! 

    Kidding aside, hopefully Westworld finishes the first season strong and doesn't fumble. That would be a bummer.
  • @KingKobra That's what I got from "final four scripts" but fair enough.
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