Dolores is Arnold

Or at least his consciousness has been uploaded into her.


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    All the hosts have code Arnold wrote as part of their base OS. 
  • I'm starting to appreciate the Joanna Robinson theory that Bernard is Arnold (or, at least a robot with Arnold's consciousness). (see Especially since the guest questionnaire include a question about implanted concciousness).

    Arnold is there somewhere (glitching robots talking to him directly; MIB searching for him for answers) and this theory fits in with the popular one that Bernard is, indeed, a robot.
  • For the record, I am not going to accept the premise that a real human consciousness can be transferred or copied.

    Sure, many fictions use this idea: Dollhouse, Star Trek,

    But I fervently hope Westworld doesn't go down that rabbit hole. That would cheapen the whole "when does AI become sentient and deserving of human rights" philosophical debate.
  • Bernard as Arnold makes a lot of sense.  Bernard is Arnold without the self knowledge that he is in fact Arnold.  Cullen really better be careful around him, as Ford said.   Assuming the multiple timeline theory is correct, we may have seen Arnold alive (talking to his wife, talking to Dolores about the maze) and Bernard as Arnold closer to the present day.
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  • It seems possible, but I really hope that Bernard is not a robot. It's almost too obvious and I don't see how that would add to the story (at least how it stands thus far).
  • I think it's starting to become pretty obvious that Bernard is a robot and likely even Arnold's suppressed consciousness. The possible anagram, Dolores hearing Bernard's voice when it's supposedly Arnold in her head, the man from the picture being Ford's father and not responding to the name "Arnold," and the repeated reference to Bernard having been at Westworld forever are all pretty big clues. I think we'll find out Bernard was Arnold who suffered personal tragedy, became obsessed with the idea of transferring his dead son's consciousness to a robot, sacrificed his own life to prove it could be done, only to have his consciousness transferred but his memory as Arnold mysteriously replaced/supressed by Ford. It's less of a question of if for me as it is how and why.
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